Help on auto bloom start

I have a Mexican airlines auto that I’m not sure on age but I think 3-4 weeks.
I’ve been feeding calmag to 300 ppms and 2-3 ml of canna a n b , in Coco, was under HP’s now 200watt led. In 226 tent. She has been having rhizotonic too. keeping it simple this grow. I try to pH at 6.0 and 7-800:ppm but she wanted more so up to 900. I have a few pk options. Some say "from the formation of flowers or from a certain week. I’m unsure if a number as I don’t really know when the best times to administer .
My options are
Pk 13/14
Green planet bud booster 01-50-30
Pk warrior 9/18
Mills c4 (0.5-3.9-2.6) with
Mills pk 0-7-6 last 2/3 before flush.

Needs buying but big bud and too.
Unsure on which route to take.
Not sure when to say day one.
I’ll keep on with calmag and Cana Coco a n b. Maybe some zyme product and if not mills or A.N. then maybe canna boost accelerator.
Any help or pointers greatly appreciated.
I am running a bigger photo grow in the 44 but just this one in the 22 so can follow easier. If I have any I’ll post progress.

Very nice I’ve just finished 2 of this strain now been curing 2 weeks

Mexican airlines auto


So can you share any knowledge. Think by fast buds I’ll check that? @

Yup that’s where mine came from they behaved really well has a nice piney lemony earthy smell is a heavy smelling strain… Get ready for those girls to take off lol (pun intended) will go get pics

From 2 plants 75g dried I’m happy with that’s as a beginner nice beautiful tight and chunky buds. I grew in coco using Canna nutrients


Did you use just a n b or other stuff. If so what did you use and when

This was my feed chart but I added ok 13/14 in from week 7 @Damo this was what I based my feeds around

All can be mixed in same carton as long as not at full strength just make sure you add one at a time stir thoroughly and wait 30 mins before adding next one I used PK from first sign of flowering if you have that idd add it but make sure it comes from the same company don’t mix nutrients from different brands

I do em separately but it would take a day to make an A.N. schedule. I just add,stir,add,stir and measure ppm/pH obviously. Thanks for the chart it’s looking very similar to my plan. Maybe pk13/14 a bit earlier but undecided on pk treatment option ATM. Maybe try this 1-50-30 I have that I’ve loads of but darent use. It’s 6g/20l or 0.3g/l. I would only start with 1/4 dose to start or maybe 100ppm. Tho not sure how much extra. I suppose replace base feed

I would not replace main feed but I’d just started adding the pk from first signs of flowering I’ve tagged you in my journal have a catch up on it bro

What are the values for? 10 litre?

Double what’s written that’s for 5l I do for example for 10l you would add 30ml rhizotonic in week one

These are on same routine nice dense colas about 2 weeks out

Then it’s very close. I’ve been upping. @3ml/l ATM. No sign of burn. Watch the tips and back off if they do. Someone who teaches me a bit reckons 1.5ml 10 days from 20-30. They used to say week 5 only but changed now. I just drop the base a little to keep the ppms on track. Using too much at the wrong times were my rookie mistakes . Less really is more. If they pale up it. Burn n drop it

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@Dclark had good results with ans big bud from week2 and switching to overdrive. .not easy to judge unless you know. Based on 8 week of flower. My problem is how can you say what is day one of flower. I keep track of age at all times. Ironically I didn’t with this…,sure about 4 but looking at the hairs I can’t be far off with week one (since flip, metaphorically day eight on Monday. Sat night here