Help, nutrient deficiency/burn

Hey people, so my ladies are 25 days old. I’m using a light mix soil and all has been good till i gave them their second feed last week. Once I gave the second feed after a few days the bottom leaves started getting some yellow tips and now they have spread further around the leave (as shown in the pic). I watered the plants with 1 lt of water each, ph lvl 6.5, with Plagron pure zym, power roots and terra grow and on the second feed, I added some sugar royal (don’t think it was such a great idea) and gave half the recommended dose. This week I just watered them with water and skipped the feeding until I figure out what exactly is the problem. The plants themselves look relatively healthy in all, but these leaves are worrying me, and don’t want the matter to worsen. ANy tips, please? :slight_smile:


Nothing to worry about if it is isolated to the lower leaves.


Seems like I’m also getting some burns on the tips of the new growth :frowning:

I don’t see anything to worry about. It’s a good idea to monitor PPM and pH to understand what is going on in your soil.


May I ask, how old is your soil? Also, have those lower leaves been touching the soil? If so, that will cause discoloration on those lower ones.

Where’s your RH at? You can run into nutrient problems a couple different ways if it gets too low.

Soil is as old as the plants, plants are autos so i planted straight into their final pot and have been in the same soil since … and ye at a point the discolored leaves were touching the soil for a bit, but i had some other leaves that were touching the soil and they didn’t seem to change color

Rh is always between 50 - 70%… been stable at 55% lately…

This is her in full view

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Looks healthy. Starter leaves always turn a bit.

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