HELP noticed some curling leaves


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Is that curling from the light being to close?


Looks normal to me.


Ok just asking I’m brand new and nervous lol


You need a fan to move the air in your grow space and that will help the plant to.
Check your soil to make sure it’s not dry or overwater… I hope you have some holes in that pot… You need to try the fabric pots, are amazing!


Yea first grow just grabbed some pots and during the “night” cycle I open the closet door and blow a fan on them during the day I’m at work so try to keep the door shut due to landlord


PLants need at least one oscillating fan on them 24 hours a day. It strengthens plant stems and keep unwanted pests from finding a dead air space to thrive in.

Humidity by not using fans can generate mold and other such bad issues. :slight_smile:


My fan is one of my panic items after pest problems on my first grow @latewood and a couple of other guys talked me through it but one other time my fan stopped and I thought no biggie I’ll grab one in a day or two but no need for a special trip to town . Two days later I opened my tent after watering the night before, my tent smelled very musty and I had probably 15 or 20 knats flying around when I started touching the plants. Now I have extra fans . Also I over watered which is shocking easy to do and bad for the plant letting them dry out promotes larger and healthier roots


Should this oscillating fan be pointed directly at the plants as to blow on them, or should it just cause a breeze in the tent to keep air moving?


when the plants are small, a breeze to move the air around is best, you’d like to see the leaves and stem vibrate a bit…but as the stems toughen the fan can be pointed at them, in an oscillating mode, so it’s not blowing on the same leaves all the time


Ok. So air blowing on them isn’t necessarily a bad thing?

Are these guys large enough for the fan to blow directly on them?


We’re simulating the great outdoors. Your Mother Earth, you control temps , humidity, wind ect. Wind makes them strong!


@Laurap I am just worried I will have a fan blowing on them, come home and they will have snapped or something because it is too strong…


How large of a fan & can’t you run on low. I’ve got two 6" fans attached to inside tent on both sides. I bring in the 12" oscillating fan when in flower & humidity’s a killer! If you live in a humid area start saving for a dehumidifier for the room your tent is in. I found out the hard way as I’m close to coast & Harvey came thru sending my flowering girls humidity into the 80s%. Thought if I bought a dehumidifier big enough for tent it’d work but didn’t think about I was drawing in air (soaked w/ humidity) into tent.


@Laurap I only have a little oscillating fan in there currently as I am doing only 3 plants. It has two speeds, currently it is on a higher speed just above the plants so it is just blowing air around. I will turn it down and have it pointed more direct at the plants. I live in NY, so the humidity is bad as well. It’s currently in the high 60’s in my tent. I have the oscillating fan blowing air around, a fan at the intake and a fan at the exhaust. So I have air movement.


On your way to a Happy Grow. Seedlings don’t need much moving air, it’s mainly to help circulate the air. When you get to veg the air helps them become strong & bugs don’t like wind! If you haven’t already pick up some food grade dietametious earth for gnats, spiders ect. Goes a long way. You can p/u at hydro store, feed store or online. Hope I helped!


@Laurap you’ve been wonderful. I already have DE, oddly I use it to to make toothpaste for my pup. Do I just sprinkle it on top of the soil? I have seen a decent size spider in the tent (it’s in the basement).


Yes, kill it! Those nasty xxxxx can ruin your crop weaving all thru your buds. Take them out of tent to apply on soil. It goes everywhere! Think I messed up my carbon filter due to pests. I sprinkled that stuff all over tent and only had back bottom vent open. Tent walls started sucking in & discovered de was a solid wall on back vent. So from now on I take out & sprinky on soil & if any eaten on I dust plant.
Do not put de onto flowering plants only on soil.:herb:


@Laurap sounds good and not a problem, I am far from flowering lol. He was just a single cellar spider, I killed him this AM. If I see anymore I will sprinkle the DE on the soil. Stupid bugs.

How do I know officially which stage I am in? I have BB autos that sprouted on 9/1. The pic obviously is above…


Most say when you’ve got 5 true sets of leaves, not including the nodes when sprouted your in veg. Another 8 weeks then if you want switch to flower. Can go longer in veg if more plant height is needed.
Remember, to avoid them from switching back into veg after starting flowering No light in room or tent while asleep. They get very cantankerous!:sunglasses:


@Laurap Perfect, they are in my basement and I have them 18/6 schedule. They are in darkness from midnight to 6am. Since they are autos, won’t they just flower themselves?