Help, not sure whats going on here.Please help

Ive been treating this as a cal/mag def, but now im thinking leaf seporia, Basement grow, plenty of air flow with a fan, water plants when they are light, I have had nats for a while and use the yellow sticky cards, but its getting bad now.

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Here’s some info on treating leaf seporia.

It looks more like nute burn to me. Do you know your PPM?


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I have a few leaves that look like that. I will ask a couple people and see if they can help. @PurpNGold74 @MidwestGuy @kellydans

Ok, thanks. I’m gonna go get some fresh pictures

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Ppm on run off is about 1200, I flushed a week ago and fed at 25% then 50%,need water today,

This am pictures

3 purple kush, 3 duban poison
Basement grow
Rotating fan
Hlg 600h. At 420 watts
Hlg 300r at 300 watts
12-12. Lights
Humidity 55%
Heat 72deg
Ocean forest soil with perlite
Fox farms nutes given per their chart
Feed and water at 6.2 ph
Bloom city cal/mag
Occasional Eason salts 1 tbls per gal
well water. Ph 7.8
Flush per fox farms req

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What’s your PH in and PH out at runoff? My limited experience always leads me back to improper PH. Once I understood how PH effects the plant I started to get a better understanding of issues with the plant. The PH being in the right zone helps the plant to get the nutrients it needs. Too high or low PH can cause lockout not letting the plant uptake the nutrients it needs. Whenever I see someone asking advice for an issue my first question is “what’s the PH”? Keeping PH right helps prevent a ton of other potential issues. If the pH is off adding anything to try and fix it will be a waste of time because the plant can’t absorb it due to lockout. Ask me how I know :wink:

This often leads to nute burn. The FF schedule is too aggressive. Many of us feed on 50% of the schedule.

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7.8 PH is way too high. For soil you want to be between 6.0-7.0. Staying closer to the low side is the best. What is the runoff PH? I stopped growing in soil because balancing the PH was a nightmare.

I do use their nutes, before flush I only fed at 75% once, been 50% for a while. Ph in is 6.2-6.5. Run off is very close to ph in. So you do not think it is leaf seporia?

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IOut of the tap my well water is 7.8, 6.2-6.5 is what I water and feed at,

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It’s possible, but it looks more like nute burn to me, though 1200 isn’t that high. Are you using a microbe or humic/fulvic acid supplement?

pH looks fine.

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Last feed I did add fox farms microbe, at 50%

That may be part of the problem. These products dramatically increase nutrient uptake. I have experienced nute burn using a similar product called Urb before.

I would treat for seporia and back off either the nutes or the microbe product.

1200 isn’t all that high, but it can be when using such supplements.


4 of the six plants are showing these spots now, ph meter has been calibrated

I’m just going to water today with helping of cal/mag, I always water to run off. Yes no?

Go for it if the soil is dry.

Very dry, what’s a reccomendation for leaf spot ? They throw 30 options at ya when googling.

So i watered with 1tsp per gallon of calmag and 1 tsp per gallon of come back, ph was 6.3 and ppm was 500 going in.

plants and run off results
purple kush
1 ph 6.4 ppm 1066
2 ph 6.6 ppm 880
3 ph 6.5 ppm 780

duban poison
1 ph 6.5 ppm 950
2 ph 6.5 ppm 714
3 ph 6.5 ppm 998

I am going to start watering every 3 days, i think i was pushing them at feeding on the 4 th day.