Help! Not sure what this yellowing is.. (I'm a first time grower too)

Help! So a couple of my seedlings are starting to show signs of yellowing and it started yesterday but it’s getting worse today. The last picture on the bottom is me pointing to one that has the yellowing AND the leaves aren’t the same green as the rest, it’s dark green on all the leaves. What could that be too? They’ve all been in a dome with a 54w CFL over them at ~69-74 f and 70-80RH. I’m thinking it’s either iron or nitrogen deficiency for the yellowing but no idea about the dark green? Also, how would I fix these problems? I have only been using distilled water to water them. My PH reader just came in the mail last night finally. Here are the pictures.

! (Dark green/yellowing one)

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they don’t look bad…calibrate the new pH meter then see what the water you have been using measures…make sure the water is about 6.0-6.5…what are you using/going to use for soil?
yellowing of leaves on small plants is usually over watering (they don’t look wet) or an incorrect pH.

they shouldn’t have a deficiency yet…the first set of leaves, the round ones, provide food another week or so while the roots develop.


I don’t see any issues. They look fine.

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That yellow looks really weird though… okay, we’ll see how it keeps going then o.O I’ll PH the water, yeah. The soil I am using for seedlings is the root starter that is on the germination guide on ILGM.


Your new growth will start out a lighter color than rest


I was gonna say the same thing haha! Great minds…

If the starter soil is peat based then 6.3 to 6.8. If it’s coco, 5.5 to 5.8 ph.


Yellowing is usually a lack of nitrogen, watering them with fresh rain water would help without risking burn.

@Xnate13X They really don’t look bad. Now that you have a ph meter ph your water and later your nutes.