HELP! not sure what is going on

This is my first time growing, I have an outdoor plant and am in Australia. I planted the seed in late August and gave slow release nutrients in October. I recently had to leave my plant with a friend for a couple of weeks and since getting her back I have noticed some abnormalities.

She currently has some asymmetrical leaves, some somewhat wilted leaves (towards the top only), some brown tips and some dead leaves in the forming bud.

I have noticed some of the leaves and bud forming quite well on the shorter branches around the middle and getting very sticky, but the longer and high and low branches don’t seem to be budding too much.

If anyone might have an idea of what is going wrong as I am struggling to find this mix of issues.

Thanks in advance!

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Dark waxy leaves could indicate too much nitrogen. I don’t use time release fertilizer as you are unable to adjust nutrients because you really don’t know what’s in the soil now. I’m sure someone who uses them will come along soon. Still looking good! Keep it up!

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G’day fellow aussie it looks like a nitrogen toxicity with that deep dark green colour did ur plant always produce single leaves can u take a better pic of the whole plant so we can see whats goin on and what strain and what medium u are using

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That first pic looks like rot and i see u have dots on ur leaves i would check ur plant to see if you have spider mites or some other bug on ur plant


You went into reveg? Light schedule changed?


Looks like a light issue may of cause you to go back into veg.


agree with @Aussie_autos

looks like bud rot, and in my short time growing i’ve found just about every way to produce it.

in general, time release nutes are not good for cannabis. cannabis wants what it wants right now, and it will probably want something else later.

get rid of the rotted bud sites and hold off on watering for a bit.

are you in containers or the ground?

welcome to the community! i love australia, went to uni there (UTS). i want to go back


Thanks for assisting!

I did repot it - the clay pot was around october. There are definitely some obvious changes in how shes growing. Im still getting some ligher thicker leaves towards the bottom too.

I cant see any spider mites, but I did notice the white dots a while back, there do appear to be tiny bugs around the base in the soil… should I be using some sort of pesticide?

I was concerned the light cycle may have been thrown out of whack too.

What would you recommend? Even if I can’t harvest I would really like to salvage her if possible

She’s fine you’ve been doing great , the ladies are getting more than 12 hours of light so they decide to go from flower to veg. Shown by rounded top growth and leaves forming without matured number of points

The flowers that were forming tend to crisp and die off at this point and is a good idea to remove any dead decayed growth

Once they get less then 12 hrs sunlight they can and will flower again