HELP - NOT A DRILL (i dont think)

You’ll be okay. You could leave them in paper towels until Monday and I doubt they would die. Not suggesting it, just saying I think you’ll be okay :slight_smile:

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Wow that’s kinda rough. I would suggest not to start tryin to germinate the seeds until you have all of the proper tools and equipment. I didn’t reply because you had tagged so many people and it hadn’t been that long since you posted the question. The people.on this site have lives and can’t always be around all of the time. Sorry for the rant, but that was kind of fubar to talk down to the people that didn’t reply as soon as it was posted.

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Rock wool should be soaked for hours, it’s alkaline and must sit in ph 5.5-6 water to get the pH down for the seedlings


to talk down to someone? I legit - did not mean to, and if you could show me what your referring to that would be great, because messages can easily be taken out of context. It is pretty rough, and I was told repeatedly (checked tracking) phoned supplier, courier company, utterly everyone and it was going to be here before Friday - I now realise it was silly to start before having everything in my hands… thanks Hawk

Your MH 600 will be good, however, no more closer than 4 to 5 feet above.

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thanks Niala - been told that a few times now, I’ve bought another tent and it came with a couple T5’s which I hear are amazing for vegging, I was in hope that I could last til then so the ladies would have the best possible start. Everything’s just gawn a bit tits up is all :slight_smile: thanks anyway, you lot are stars.

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Post 17 is what I was talking about. Relying on people on this site

I read a post that could be misinterpreted

“lesson on not relying on people here”

taken out of context it looks bad, but I believe it was directed at ebay


And if you don’t have friendly seedling soil, I strongly suggest that you get some if you cannot find rock wool today :wink::grinning:

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@Hawkeye_diesel I’m not sure if your trying to start a confrontation or are just plain… stoned?
I said thanks, and that id learnt not to rely on people here, not here as in… ILGM - as in mo Fers on ebay and flaming amazon, as some piss you about and don’t give you tracking info til its too late - after promising you it was all fine, should be with you in the morning day after day.

Thanks everyone who replied? sorry, thank you everyone who has a beating heart <3 even child eating, racist, sexist, illuminati wanabee… pulp fiction hating people?

although I see how it was taken out of context so no worries man, stop being such a sensitive little herb though/presuming I’m being an F tard when I just got some much needed advice off some lovely people… why would I try and be a penis to those people who just gave me aid in my time of need?

@McLovin777… c’mon man…it was misinterpreted…don’t go where you are going

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Congrats on not being presumptuous.

I actually have some now, its just the last thing I want to be doing (taking her out washing her up, and then saying hello new media! in only 40 hours time lol

I was just sayin if taken out of context which is easy to do when you are just reading words, it sounded like you were dogging on the people that didn’t reply. I apologize for the misunderstanding. I don’t know why you added that last part, I was confused by it. Wasn’t trying to start a confrontation, but simply stating that not everyone can always be online. Like I said I apologize for my comment and wish you the best. Hope it works out for you. I would hate for anyone to lose seeds/plants
Take it easy


Please, delete your posts, you know the ones…

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I’m the silly one, I took what you said out of context too. I thought you where being a total douche when you where obviously just defending the good folk here - its my bad.

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It’s all good. I’m not sensitive, probably one of the furthest from it. I don’t understand the end part about racist and the rest of the last part, but like I said it’s all good. Have a great rest of your day an I wish you the best of luck with the seeds

yeah, so much anger in those fingers…but fewer f bombs!

Lol @McLovin777, I know it’s sucks but you have to do what is have to do :grinning:

And I am happy that you have came over the misunderstanding with Hawkeye and agree with kabongster about withdrawing the previous unpleasant post :wink::grinning:

~Al :innocent: :v: