HELP - NOT A DRILL (i dont think)

Right guys, my bucket dwc wont be here til fudging monday!! Totally messing with my time frame as i bought it last monday…
Anyway, 14 seeds in tissue on the heat mat in plastic trays with domes on top.
The seed casings have now fallen off some of them… and the rap roots are about an inch long!

So advice please. Do i hold out til monday? Do i go mission looking for rockwool (some is coming with the buckets which where mesnt to be here tuesday!!) And put them in… something?
Im really at a loss with what to do here dudes, you can be sure il be giving the utter worst possible feedback imaginable though.

Rap roots he says… @Hogmaster @Donaldj @joshawa @Thedanishguy @BlackDog anyone who’s online?

@Nug-bug @kabongster @Niala

Monday isn’t very far away. I’m inclined to think waiting might be okay but if you can get some rock wool it might be safer than messing with a long tap root. The longer the root the more chance to snap it. But, I bet you’d be ok either way to be honest.

I now, not very definitive. Point is, probably don’t need to be too freaked out.

I’m more a soil guy so this is just by my gardening instinct.


you could go looking for rock wool…depends where you are, the season, planting supplies might be hard to find.
any hydro stores?

start in peat moss, pro mix, perlite, seedling soil wash it off when the rock wool arrives, open the rock wool and gently put the seedling in and then in net pot…it’ll be shocked but will live

wait for more ideas…I have never done these, just read about them.


I’m just gutted and hope to not have to freak her out so early on, as it will no doubt piss all over my possible yield and her potential. Rockwool and then what exactly? I don’t have any hydro gear til Monday so its a bit of a bummer!

Point is you PROBABLY don’t need to be too freaked out - is as reassuring as saying you PROBABLY won’t die in agonising pain haha ok man, thanks for your input, I do appreciate it.

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That’s exactly what I was going to suggest if you don’t find rock wool

~Al :v: :innocent:


if you can get the rock wool…


I do have a soil mix, but its only til Monday, and what light would I then use! I have T5’s I’m negotiating about buying, all I have now is 600w MH
I cant quite believe I’m in this situation after being so prepared and working everything to the T

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Is there some reason you can’t put them in some nice clean grow medium temporarily then rinse that off when your hydro stuff arrives?


I know man. Sorry.

My main concern is putting a long tap root into rock wool. You don’t want to break it. If you can get some, I would. If not just be very careful to make a long enough hole the root doesn’t bottom out and break.

Tip from @latewood

Soak your rock wool but don’t’ squeeze it out. Cup it in your hand loosely and make a fast downward motion, like a yo-yo toss. Repeat until it’s not soaking wet.

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Yup I agree with @kabongster and @Niala, id start them in peat moss or premix until then only being till Monday though id get rockwool cubes


First thing tomorrow morning, I will lump my casted leg on crutches in search of rock wool. Flaming ebayers man, some really do need a slap round the face.


And there you have it. Problem solved :slight_smile:

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Oops didn’t know about lights. I see your situation is not so easy as I thought.

thanks man, I have learnt a valuable lesson on not relying on people here - you lot are tip top though.

thanks everyone who replied.


if you get the rock wool, wrap the sides with foil you want the roots to come out the bottom, if you use leca or hydroton put some under the rock wool when roots start coming out, give them some good roots before transplanting into the net pot


Yea man not a problem

Not sure if I even need them at this stage, (essentially)
I’m just in a bit of a pickle, I think rock wool tomorrow (although not guaranteed) and then do what mr @kabongster showed?
If these ladies die because of this ebayer though… it was meant to be next day delivery! 5 days late.