Help! No sprout

Hello everyone first time grower indoor I have bought white widow seeds from ILGM. I tried to germinate 5 of them did the paper towel trick 2 days later 2 out of the 5 split seen a tap root. Put right into soil day later the other three split seen a taproot and put them in Rockwool. And placed under a dome with heating mat it’s been 3 days on the two seed and 2 days on the other three and nothing been keeping things damp and spraying with spray bottle twice a day one in the am and one in the pm. The lights are 5 - 23 watt 2700k 24hr.

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Welcome to the forum @Andy77! 2 in soil and 3 in rockwool? How deep did you plant ? Which way did you put tail? Soil looks a little dry!

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Make sure they are moist but not soaked then I’d say cover with a clear dome of some sort solo cups or something and see what happens good luck :v:

Planted bout 1/2 with the tail down I’ve grown plants before but never made it to harvest. The soil isn’t dry maybe it’s the picture and I have the clear cover on the dome.

Depth is good,tail down, so that leaves watering or the seed is a dud! The soil looks dry as you stated, the cubes are hard to tell? if you are gentle you may remove some soil around her and see what is going on, or give them a few more days! I have only had 2 seeds from ILGM that did not even sprout, I would think 5 of same strain no way! What is temp setting on the mat?

They sit in a tray with a clear cover the temp stays 75-80 and humidity is 45-55

Humidity should be a little higher, but what it is, should be OK