HELP! Newby here....sighi

Help!! My leaves are turning yellow. I’m a Newby but I’m doing something wrong. This pic is my last 3 seedlings, the other 12 didn’t make it due to my ignorance. However, these plants are over a month old! And there only about 1 1/2 inches. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!?! I keep the water between a 5-6 Ph balance. I used organic filler, the light stays on at least 12 hours a day and I did my first organic fertilizer of fish water. I just don’t get it…

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Get them out of those pots and into a larger home. I use fabric pots. I start my seedlings and rooted clones in quart bags.


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Couple of comments.

Roots need room to grow. Fill those pots up with soil.

They are overwatered, and this is probably the reason for little progress. Seedlings need only a couple ml of water a day. Overwatering can lead to damping off (root rot.)

They are stretching and asking for more light.

I suggest transplanting them to a bigger pot with a proper cannabis soil such as a Fox Farm product, Roots Organics, or Black Magic.

They should be given water with a pH between 6.3 and 6.8.

Be careful about your watering. Seedlings need very little water.


**THANK YOU! I will try all of these suggestions


I’m curious as to what kind of light you are using.
Can you post a pic of it ?

I’m thinking it might not be adequate


I’m wondering what strain, and auto or photo??? Why 12/12?


Yup, overwatered and need more soil. At that stage I literally water them 1 TABLESPOON almost every day, but if soils is damp I don’t water. They will damp off and there is no recovering if that happens

Welcome to the forum a lot of great advice so far
I would also bury part of the stem when transplanting and changing light to 18 on 6 off
Good luck with your grow!

I would say they are over watered as well.