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Hi I’m new here. A first time grower and don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to soil. Or using this website. So sorry if this question is in the wrong place! I’ve been trying to research before growing and I’m completely over whelmed. What soil do I use? How do I test it? What am I even testing for? What do I add to the soil? How often do I need to add something to it? Is watering it just okay? I’m used to just growing something like tomatoes outside where you water it and forget it. I have a 3x3 grow room and would love any help. Was going to get into hydroponics, but don’t have the funds right now. Figured I’d try with good ol easy dirt but boy was I wrong.

Welcome dude. Personally, I’d say save up a few more bucks and grow with hydro. Waaaay easier to correct all the mistakes your about to make :wink:. I’m of no use when it comes to growing with soil. Only on my 3rd hydro grow myself. I’ll be following

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First download the “grow guide” read it! Read it again. It will help immensely. It will put things in order for you.



Breath deeply. Soil is not intimidating. It’s really quite easy. Actually, I feel like it’s 100x more complicated than hydroponic cultivation if you want to perfect it, but it’s extremely easy to buy a bagged soil and just water it with tap water for a respectable result.

Many bagged soils are good through flower with water alone. You can’t expect the same yield as a perfectly tuned super-soil or hydroponic, but you’ll get a very good product. Why don’t you see what is available locally, make a list, and come back here.

If you decide you want to run a slightly hotter soil, we can talk about soil amendments.

Long-term soil reuse is possible, but you will need to amend the soil somehow. Consider that, IMO, you need to use much larger containers to accomplish regenerative living soil grows indoors, compared to what most of us will ever use.

Some growers will tell you that they start feeding bottled nutrients at a certain point. IMO, this is a very risky practice. Instead, I encourage the use of microbial boosters like Grower’s Recharge. There are a few products that all do the same thing; they add microbial life which transport nutrients too the roots, and exchange the nutrients for sugars that plant makes.

If you want to use bottled nutrients, I’m all for it! But I urge you to start with an inert, soilless medium like Pro-Mix or Coco Coir.

Do you still have urgent questions, or is it time for a trip to your local garden center?


@M_rayyy Do you have any of the items that you know you will need? If you are wanting to make it easier on yourself do not buy a lot of stuff until someone has advised you! What are your goals as far as yield and frequency of harvest? Is your area a tent? How much money can you afford for this? If you just want to play around with it then you can get by on just enough! If you want to grow buds you have seen in magazines and smoke some good clean weed then you are in the right place, welcome to the ILGM forum!


Hi I don’t know I’m if I’m replying correctly or not. Hopefully this goes out to the gentlemen helping me right now. To go a little more in depth-

At the start of the pandemic I wanted to pick up growing after being a long time smoker. I was looking into grow rooms, and the best one on the market per google sent me to super closet. However, I didn’t have the funds to purchase a whole system at once. I looked at the included components, and little buy little I started saving and purchasing all items need for growth. Besides the hydro system because that was a little pricy for me at the moment. But I have everything else as of right now. So I thought I would try with soil while I wait to stack more funds.

What I have now is-
3x3 gorilla tent w/extension
Seedling starter kit
Fabric pots
Kind k3xl450
Hurricane 6in fan
Phresh carbon filter
Hydrometer/ thermometer
PH testing kit

The soil I was recommended that I purchased was-

Fox farm ocean forest plant garden ph
Nectar for the gods soil #4

The seeds I currently have are-

Bad azz cheese feminized
Agent orange feminized

I’m unsure of which soil to use. Or a mix of both? Can I start from seedling? I heard that for the first few weeks of using said soil that I do not need to add nutrients until later down the line. Or when I repot can I just have that as the new soil? Recommended nutrients & how to add and when? How often and what ph do I shoot for when I water them?

Sorry for the so many questions. I hope me giving more info helps. I just don’t want these puppies to die after germination. I want the best for these and willing to learn and buy what else is needed. Thanks for the help!


You could mix both of those soils or you could use either one of those. I personally use ocean Forest. And you are good to pop those seeds in there with no nutrients for a few weeks and then if you want to add nutrients you can for better results. Fox farm also makes a line of bottled nutrients that I think work really well. You just need to be very careful when adding such nutrients not to add too much always start with a quarter or half of what the bottle says and work your way up. Also don’t use fertilizer every watering it’s best to use it once or twice a week or every other watering.

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Also remember Amazon is your friend.


You will also need a TDS/PPM/EC pen to determine what you are putting in and what is coming out! PH pen will serve you much better than a test kit! You can purchase these in a set or individually, most are pretty accurate but as with anything a little more money can get you better gear, you will also need calibration fluid for your ph pen. The Kind light is 270 watts so you have 30w sqft. I am not sure about the ppfd, but will work OK, not optimal though! FFOF is good soil but a little hot for seedlings and should be OK. I don’t know about the NFTG although I have heard their stuff is great!
So do you have a pic of your setup and what are your goals? what @Audiofreak said about "Grow Bible " is a good idea, you can find it for free here
There is a plant care guide here


Sound advice from all. You found a site that fellow growers are more willing to share the experience of growing;;happy growing :bat: :crazy_face:

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This is the best sight I have ever been on to get good info. The people here are always willing to help.

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Thanks to all of you stoners for helping the OP in the right direction. THAT’s what makes this forum the best.