Help! Newbie Grow Closet!


Yes that main cola is an absolute BEAST Gosh those plants are sexy af


59 days into flowering.





Looking like she’s almost ready. Nice job! :clap::clap::clap:


I have always topped all my plants. After seeing this. I may skip topping one of the next to see if I can get a top like this. Great looking plant. :+1:


I’ve got her all chopped up and on drying racks. Fan on and no light, correct? How long does it sit? Sorry I have no pics. I had to move fast and my phone was dead.


Depending on your humidity it could take up to 10 days. I had a winter grow dry in 3 days (low humidity). Last month’s harvest took 7 days to dry. Lights out, fans on, and check for dryness by bending a small stem. If it just bends, not ready. If it “snaps” they should be good. If you’re on racks, make sure you have buds in a single layer.


Yes and thank you for the tips. I really appreciate it!


You might not need to get all the way to the stems snapping. For some folks, that is too dry. Some folks jar their weed as soon as it gets to about 70% humidity… and then the Boveda packs can bring it down to 62% or whatever you’re using. I just jarred four ounces yesterday. I hung the stems for about 2 days on a rack, then put them in a paper back with a hygrometer so I could monitor their progress. After another day (it’s been dry here), they were down to 65% RH, so I put them in jars. Congratulations on your harvest!


Day 7 into drying. It’s pretty humid here. Stems are still pretty bendy. Will probably put in a paper bag today. I love love love the blue color in them.



Beautiful bud. What strain is that?


Thank you! Northern Lights Auto.


It looks blue, very pretty.