Help! Newbie Grow Closet!

I have read so many websites and the more I read the more confused I get. I just want to keep this as simple as possible. Nobody seems to give a straight answer. Every question I see “depends.” It’s driving me crazy, lol. All I want to do is grow one plant, Northern lights from sensie seeds. I’m doing this in a closet in my basement. I’m going to use fox farm ocean soil. What light, carbon filter, and fan should I get? Also, if successful I may end up doing 4 plants at a time in different stages down the road. 4 would be the most. I don’t mind spending a little money, but im not usually a high end guy. I like to keep things as simple as possible. I am a hunter, but when i hunt I have a mid priced bow, 3 arrows, and warm clothes. My friends carry that plus a range finder, binoculars, 6 arrows, rattling bag, Deer scents, etc. Basically, I’m a minimalist who wants to do a solid job. I hope all this makes sense.


You need a light and a way to ventilate, to bring in fresh air and get rid of old air, if you can get those two things you can at least start a grow and can begin upgrading from there.

What light depends on how much you wanna grow. If you wanna grow a couple of ounces then any led light on Amazon around 80 bucks should get you there, and on a good grow, maybe a little more :smiley:


So two holes in the Closet, one to bring air in and the other out? Not a problem at all. Are those holes what you hook up the carbon filter and fan to? And yes, a couple ounces is plenty. How long do I vegitate the NL to get the 2 ounces? And, should I invest in a little bit better light if down the road I’m going to do 4 plants?

Are you in a house that is already air conditioned? If you are then you can just leave the door open till a little later in the plants life when it starts to smell, that’s what your filters are for, the smell.

If you wanna mimic a basic grow tent setup then try watching this


Yes, it is air conditioned, but would like to keep it closed due to having a couple small children running around the house. And thanks for responding, and so quickly. Means the world to me.


Np, and yes that’s what those holes are for.


Exhaust - up high
Intake - down low



Ok cool! That video was awesome! Do you know what exactly those items were in the video? I may just buy that setup. It looks perfect for what I’m trying to do!
Grow tent
Light and fixture
Carbon filter


First up, I want to " WELCOME YOU TO ILGM "
You made a wise decision on choosing ILGM. We have so many fokes here that were newbies like your self who now help others with their grows. And you will get to know them I’m sure.
But I know what your saying. I’m not a hunter and don’t care for it but That’s not what were here for.

Ok closet, to start off with you’ll need a light, For a closet grow you should go with a full spectrum L.E.D For each phase of growth you can switch to the next phase very simple.
Are you going with the Fox & Farm nutrients ?
You know reading all throughs web-sites
Your going to get a different answer every time That’s why you have to pick and stay with it and you made the Wright choice by choosing us. You will be happy. Just take a quick look around and read a few posts and you’ll see.


My seed germinated and I put it in a styrophome cup. It finally popped today. Should i do 24 hour light with the seedling or 18-6?

24 hours for the first week or two for seedlings.

Thank you kind sir!

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Here she is!


Seed coat fell off.


When will I be able to smoke the wonderful buds she will produce? Northern Lights fem, sensi seeds


4 months minimum to allow for drying, etc. Call it 3 for the plant to veg then flower, then one to dry and cure a bit.


My new light has arrived!

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Here is the set up as we speak. Feel free to critique. I have thick skin and want to do a solid job. This is my first rodeo.


You might be a little too close. Just watch it closely. I think its too early to hit with LED. I’D USE a weaker light first 2-4 weeks. Just watch it closely for next week or so. LED is strong


Thank you for this comment. That is why I’m here. I’ll put my other light on it a few weeks. The seedling is only 6 days old. I have no idea what I’m doing. I can’t thank you enough!

I have my led’s 24" away for seedlings that are 10 days old. My led’s would cook it if I had it under 20" I am pretty sure. For me. I use a CFL till it is 10 days old then switch the the led’s. Just my 02 but I think @Viktor7 is correct there, led’s are stronger than they look :grin: