Help, new to growing and have a sick plant

Hi, all I’m new to the game. I have feminized Ice and the leaves are starting to twist and turn colors. I’m hoping its just ph is off or overwatering. Again I’m brand new and know its way late in the season, just getting my feet wet. Also been letting these stay out during day and bringing in at night.

what type of medium is that? soil, coco??
what type of nutes are you using? tds in and out
what is pH in and pH of run off?
temps? day and night.

most of the time over watering makes the leaves droop and go limp with some yellowing of the leaves. I think you have a K deficiency. either you have a lockout due to high salt build up or you need to supplement more K at feeding at the correct ph. 6.2 to 6.8 in soil is where I stay. amswer a few of the questions above and we can help more.

Compost is the medium, no nutritions yet, they are growing outside going to get a tent setup at the end of the month indoors. Ph meter comes today and will check. As for Temps during the day it gets between 72 and 85 at night b/w 55 to 72. They are outside from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Some better pics of both plants