Help new grower

Hello everyone …I am new grower …I started growing a tent and recently moved them outdoors in ground…2 of my plants are not growing healthy and yellowis leaves…pH levels show about 7.5 and moisture is higher …I used black earth and sheep.manure for soil …
Any help would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

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Got any pics in white light?

Did you harden the plants off before you planted them in the ground and welcome

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Just bought the house last July…there was a tomato plant there


Not sure what harden the plants are…sorry

First picks Bruce Banner… second is gorilla glue #4

1st pic looks pretty good

Second not as good. I wish I knew better, to advise, but I’m still a n00b. My very uneducated guess is… nope
Not even going to chance sending you in the wrong direction by speculating

Hardening means slowly introducing the the to the sun so it doesn’t get shocked but doesn’t appear to be your problem

The first pic …those plants are growing good and second one is stuck at that size …the indicas are the ones with problems …
Thanks for trying

@Big123 are you lurking around? Can you look at OP’s plants?


@Nick73 Hi and welcome!

I’m growing myself for the first time (with my own share of challenges already at day 31ish), so I’m not going to be much help, but there’s a ton of super nice people around here!

Black dirt ? It wasn’t miracle grow was it ? And maybe alil hot on the manure ? Not sure it looks like it only affected certain part of the plant , everything else it’s growing very fast , loving that sun :sun_with_face:

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I would add some organic matter, worm castings, fertilizers 1/2 strength and water them in.

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