Help! New Grower with high PPM

Hey guys, don’t be fooled by my cool name. I just love cannabis and sharks. I am a brand new indoor grower. I am using Foxfarm Ocean Forrest soil. I have my plants in a 5 gallon fabric pot that I transplanted to almost 2 weeks ago. When I watered the plants and tested the PPM, my PPM was 3030. Now I haven’t even added nutrients yet. When I water my plants the get twisted and folded into a taco. At this point, I am not sure what to do. All environmental factors are perfect. I am using an SF-1000 LED light from Spider farmer. I have the heat around 76F and the humidity around 75. I am lost at this point so any help would be appreciated. I am also still trying to figure out this watering deal as I know I have overwatered my plants. I let them dry out completely but when I watered them they didn’t seem too happy. Of course, I am new so I could be wrong. But the PPM is driving me crazy. I am using a Bluelab EC/TDS meter. I use the 500 scale for testing. Thanks in advance!!!

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FFOF is known to be hot. Those ppm readings is imho normal. Neuts will last for 4/6 weeks from transplant. Ph water till the ppm drop to about 800/1000 ppm’s then ad neuts.


Welcome to the community ! the ocean Forest is a Good rich Soil that will carry you 4 or 5 weeks with only pH water. Maybe even up too early flower stage. I would just like to add watering to run off a little early.
Let the pots dry out good before you water again. @Audiofreak has you covered. Good luck :+1::v:

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Great! I really appreciate your response. Just so I understand, did I water to run off a little early? Meaning I should water a little less?

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One thing I might add is the height of the light. Leaves can taco from too much light, fan blowing directly on them and overwatering. You mentioned EC/PPM how about the Ph of your water? In and runoff.

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Yes that would be correct @Cannabisshark I base it on you said you just transplanted two weeks ago. And I’m assuming the plants not very big you can throw up a picture if you like. :v:

Yes, you’re correct. I’ll add some pics.

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Just looks like new growth. New leaves can look a little wonky but straighten themselves out as they get larger.


Thanks for the reply! Makes me feel a little better! Definitely some brown spots on leaves though. I probably am doing your typical beginner mistake by overwatering.

The ph runoff was 6.3.

Everything looks good; you got good advice and I will only add that supplements should not be used until you are into flower. You have plants in soil which is already loaded with goodies. If you do add anything now it will only slow down or harm plants.

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What do you mean by PH water? For instance I just checked Ppm today from the first date of my question and it’s still at 2300- 2400. It’s so high I can’t imagine switching to flower because if muted aren’t used up, the bud will taste like shit correct?

Your Ph water is just whatever water you are using when not using neuts that you Ph ajust before watering those ppm are not high! Not for FFOF as time passes, plant grows the ppm will drop as the plant eats the neuts in the soil.when it gets to 800 or so then you start feeding neuts.

And no on the taste thing. You are (I believe) confusing end of grow flushing and that’s a ways off.