Help Never seen leaves do this before


Not sure what’s causing this I’ve never seen leaves do this before, but it can’t be good. Any help would be appreciated


Looks like mites @D9Farmer


@D9Farmer I agree with @Mrcrabs spider mites feeding on the bottom of your leaves . Inspect your plant with a magnifier to confirm they are mites . I think you can spray neem oil or spinosad to help rid them .


Insecticidal soap kills on contact. Works great during vegg. Stage to prevent infestation


Well that’s what I was afraid of hearing so I took to a magnifier inspection and sure enough. This sucks let the battle begin to much invested to walk away


Ladybugs, buying in 1500 packs helps, they love that. Neem oil spray during vegetation builds up a safe barrier and keeps mites away. Too late if buds started to spray.


Lady bugs can be real beneficial to your plants I was surprised to find the info on this as I’d always thought no bugs at all is best I’ve never tried myself but there is plenty of info out there on the benefits of having a ladybug farm in your grow room/area


Last year I bought two 1500 ladybug pouches. One in July and one in September. This year the ladybugs have returned or its another generation. And they eat spiders. Praying mantis are good too. They showed up unexpectedly.


As my understanding of it the lady bugs kill all the things like gnats and spidermites the small bugs basically and the praying mantis is all for larger bugs like caterpillars moths butterflies etc etc so did you find they was less unwanted bugs around your plants after adding the lady bugs I’m curious to know I grow indoors but I’ve still had problems with gnats and bugs in the past


This kills on contac, works great, also if plant is still in vegg stage, hose it off with a water hose , let dry them spray it with insecticidal soap, I’ve been alternating with organocide


, I’ve seen that before I think it’s fungus gnats or aphids. I ordered some stuff off of Amazon called SNS 209 and that worked pretty good just follow the directions on the bottle if you decide to go with it. Another thing I like is something called food grade de. That’s real cheap and can be found on Amazon too. If you decide to go with that I bought the one with the little pump applicator and it works pretty well.


Mine did this before and it ended up being thrips!
This is what worked for me. It almost looks like dry spit on the leaves. That’s how someone described it to me.:joy:


Here a pic


Yep! Get him away from any girls asap


Too late…


I Figured …sadly was away for a bit… thanks for reply. Have couple with edges of leaves brown ish burnt n othe with white coloring in leaves…


Start a new thread with pics for any issues your leaves are having. Might as well fill out a support ticket as well😁


Oh yes. The ladybugs are hungry little ones. They love to eat spiders. Spray a little sugar solution on the ladybugs and a little on the plant. The sticky solution isn’t harmful. It will help keep the ladies on the plant. They like sugar water and it keeps them on the plant because of sticky wings. They eat it off, so no harm. Only after Sunset. The lady bugs can be stored in refrigerator, they go to sleep in the cold. Use about a hundred at a time to apply to plants. They do make a difference. Praying mantis just showed up one day in budding last year.