Help needed with yellowing leaves issue

I’m not sure as to what is causing this issue. My plants are about 6 weeks old. There’s not issues with light/temperature humidity. I water every other day alternating between: 1 time with nutes )half dose of grow big/big bloom and 1 tsp calmag and the other time with only 1 teaspoon of big bloom and 1 tsp of calmag. I only used distilled water and usually only water using a 16.9 oz bottle at a time. The ph the last few times I’ve checked is around 6.5 or 6.6 using a test tube. This is about the 2nd full week of giving nutes. Just trying to figure out what is causing my leaves to turn this color and the very bottom ones to die. Any advice is helpful, thanks!

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Dont see any problems.
Plants will naturally drop lower older leaves after pulling out the mobile nutrients for its top growth.
If there were yellow leaves everywhere or a large number of them I would suspect a problem, but just the few I see is normal.