Help needed with potential issue with outdoor/greenhouse grow

Hi all, complete newbie here. Decided to take a bash at this going into lockdown and thought it was going quite well until the yellowing (leaf and veins) and brown spots have started oppearing. I have researched this so many times but cannot determine if this is a Nitrogen/calcium/Potassium deficiencies etc. or I am overthinking this. I have linked a few pics of both of my plants and an example of a leaf that I took off.
Admittedly, I have not got any fancy nutes or anything and have been using tomorite once a week (3ml per 1l of water).

Many thanks for reading and any advice you may have.

@Cannabian is the greenhouse king around here.

Fill out the support ticket as fully as possible and I’m sure he’ll be able to assist.

Please fill out a support ticket, the likes of which can be found by clickingbthe magnifying glass search tool and typing in support ticket. I havent figured out how to copy and paste one yet lol.
If I had to guess, the issue is a bottom up one meaning mobile nutrients. This will slowly progess up the plant.
So we need information, including pot size and type of soil.

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Honestly, if you are using fox farms or some similar pre loaded soil, those plants are probably hungry because the pots are way too small for them and the roots are smashed against the pot walls. If you transplant them into way bigger pots or into the ground in good earth with great drainage they will be happy in a week. The damaged leaves will remain that way or simply die and fall off.

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Many thanks for your replies and current advice. I have completed the support ticket as best as possible so please no laughing at the simplicity of it as it began as a “lets see what happens” to “I might actually have something here”. :

These are both apparantly AK420 Fem seeds which came with the order. I have them in a greenhouse in the garden mixed in with the tomatoes (hence the tomorite).

The pots are 30cm round and 30cm square and filled with Jack’s Magic All purpose Compost along with some perlite and vermiculite.

I have the corner of the greenhouse (much to my wife’s disapproval) which is around 1m2 and height of about 80-90cms.

I use tap water (Water hardness:soft) and once a week 3ml per 1l of tomorite (4-3-8). I do not know the pH or any of the technical stuff :frowning:

Temperatures vary as weather is unpredictable but usually stays warm in the greenhouse and can get up to 30 degrees celcius with a minumum around 5 - 10 degress celcius at night.
Ventilation is door and auto roof window (dependant on temperature).

Seeds germinated in April and roughly 1 month out from flowering. It is still quite light at night and I have no where dark to force flowering.