Help needed what is going on with my girls

Could this be from my lights? Seems like it all started when i moved to the bigger tent and a couple new lights. I jist started giving nutrients sensi grow A&B and cal-mag. And im growing in ffof. Im not sure what the runoff numbers should be but i will list my runoff numbers by lady. And distance from the light.

Dbl sour 6.7
Skywalker 6.7
Ak 6.87
Daunte 6.88

Distance from light
Dbl sour 16"
Skywalker 18"
AK 24"
Daunte 23"


Your pH values are good(target 6.5 but in the range). You need to get yourself a TDS/PPM meter. The burns are likely due to the hot soil. As long as it’s just a few you leaves should be OK.


I’m seeing some purple stems. Calcium or mag deficiency?


@Watt-Sun I have tons of purple stems, and I’ve chalked it up to indoor lighting.

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Some strains are genetically prone to having purple stems. On the other hand , When you see purple stems accompanied by fading leaves and slow growth you could be experiencing a magnesium deficiency. I’m guessing based on the size/age of the plant , and that cal-mag is just now being introduced that this could be a mag deficiency.

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Yea for weeks I used ro water with no cal-mag I just started using cal-mag about a weekago. Today more leafs are dry and crumbling and fading. Should i cut off all dry and faded leafs?

Girls not looking good to me! Dont know why si many drying leafs 20190509_171557 20190509_171519 20190509_171524w

It’s possible you could be having multiple deficiencies at once. How does the
New growth look? I wouldn’t cut off any old leaves unless they start to really look sickly. Your plant will use up those older leaves nute storage and move necessary nutrients up the plant to the new growth. It’s basically eating the old leaves to support the rest of the plant

From my experience, little as it is, you need to flush and get on level playing field or you will forever chase your tail.

Have you conducted a flush or know how to do one? What size container? You will want to flush plants with PH’ed water (only PH’ed water) 3X container size (3 gal= 9 gals water per plant, 5 gal= 15 gal water per plant). Next water cycle, slowly start introducing nutes again.

You DEFINITELY need an electronic PH and TDS meter.


So no cal-mag just ro water ph’ed? And no i didnt know how to flush i thank you for that info. I do have the ph and tds pens. Are they not accurate?

@Watt-Sun it hasnt been much new growth over the last couple days just more leafs drying out it seams. Going to get a real good look now thst its the weekend and give them a nice flush.

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Aww man my girls are looking bad going to do a flush today. 2 of my girls pots are still heavy after a week i watered last sunday pots still heavy should i still flush? And the soil feels very compacted. Im getting worried seems like they have only gotten worse since i switched lighting. :pensive:

cherry ak 20190511_064709

2 of my girls pots still heavy and i watered them last sunday. Should i still flush them now or wait till they dry up some? And could this be a problem they normally light after 2 or 3 days.

Yea, sounds like you might not have proper drainage. If you don’t have proper drainage, i don’t know how effective a flush would be.

Im using the fabric pots and the water looks to be draining out the bottom pretty good.

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Stick your finger in finger deep, how wet is it? Also, what is your grow medium and how much perlite do you have? Perlite allows drainage and lightens total weight.

I can’t tell from the photos, are you removing the runoff?

You should NOT let the fabric pots sit in standing water. Could lead to all sorts of problems. May not be causing your current issues but could very well be a part of the problem.

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Growing in ffof and I have a bag of mircle grow perlite that I haven’t used it’s 5 gallon fabric pots. Can I add perlite to the soil now?

@merlin44 I water the ladies in the bathtub.

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@SmokeOne, transplanting or messing with soil now wouldn’t be a good idea, too much of a stressor and would be no bueno for the ladies.

You really need those bags sitting off the ground at all times, I recommend a pallet or milk crates.
You will need catch pans under the bags to collect additional runoff, this is also an excellent way to collect your runoff for testing.

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Thanks i have them in catch pans I put some pieces of pvc pipe under to get them off the ground. Thanks for the reminder. I had them up then got lazy after watering smh thanks again. I collect my runoff and numbers are good I was told. Ph runoff numbers dbl sour 6.7 Skywalker 6.7 cherry ak 6.87 Daunte 6.88