Help needed skittles grow

I fed my Lady’s 2 days ago when in to ck them this is what I

3 x 3 grow tent
Maxi sun light 300 w
Temp 81
RH 41%
Started 12 12 6 days ago
Ph 6 7
I think I may have over fed them but can you do in that situ

Definitely looks like nute burn. May want to consider giving her a good flush.

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What work for me and u can give it a try, simple growing, forget all the scientific stuff everybody does. I use Organic soil (any good soil works) and mix with Natures Living Soil. 5 pound pots, 5/1 ratio on the soil and all i do is top water everyday, everyday. Purple Punch grow…easy asf.


Do u mist ur plants while ur lights are on and is it nutrients mixed in water that you are spraying on ur plants


How often do you water?

why they look so wet? are you foliar spraying? or is that from a humdifier? …water on leaves under light is like a magnifying glass in the sun …it burns things :frowning:


Same. I just rock the indicanja living top dressed with cheap organic soil i like to think the bigger mulch in the cheap stuff keeps bugs out. I am also a noob and lazy. Just water every other day with cal mag

thanks i like your idea i am over thinking it gave it a flush tonight wait and see

*thanks i like your idea i am over thinking it gave it a flush tonight wait and see

i give them a mist everyday to help with RH but then i remember when i flip them 6 days ago no to mist them anymore

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it varys i pick the pots by wt and i also use a meter

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humidifier in the grow room itself is a better approach than misting but if it works dont fix it :slight_smile:

this sounds legit! i like it …keep it simple :slight_smile:

When you water/feed does she purk up? She looks like she drooping.

is the soil dry when you water it? i know mine are like 3-4days between watering…looks like over watering

what i did as a nubie i forgot about the nutes in the soil and i overdose them again with more than in should did a flush and are looking great in 1 day but thanks advice dont get stoned before you feed your ladys