Help needed please… New here and 1st time grower

Hi all, I am a first time grower and horrible with plants but none the less, it’s legal here now and I am anxious to learn, but I’ve ran into an issue and being the novice I am, I need some input on what may be wrong.

Unknown seed, not autoflower though. Every 3rd watering I feed her and have since 7-20-21. She is planted in FF Happy Frog soil and I have been feeding her Gold Leaf Fertilizer I switched her to a 12/12 light cycle on 8-31-21 and approximately 2 weeks ago I noticed the tips of her leaves turning, I also have found a couple of leaves with spots on them. I haven’t given her any fertilizer since 9-26-21.

PH levels seem to be pretty much on point… at around 6 to 6.5

So I’m not sure if this is nutrient burn or something else and any guidance, advice, tips would be greatly appreciated.

Welcome to the community. Its definitely leaning as a Sativa with those thin leaves. It could be possible nutrient burn.

Now this is odd. What say you @Covertgrower and @Myfriendis410?


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: fingers crossed I’m doing it right…LOL

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So far she looks good. I tagged two growers for more clarification. :+1:

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That’s what I was leaning toward, I’ve been flushing with just ph balanced water…should I be doing or adding anything else to cleanse her? I appreciate your help.

I’d go with that and just watch her for a few days, Then come back and feed for bloom.

Welcome to the community. Nice looking plant.

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Thank you so much… it doesn’t seem to be too bad so I’m hopeful…then again, I am the girl who can kill a cactus… :rofl:

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Welcome to the community

Thank you!

I get those same marks on my leaves, but its only ever 1 at a time, and its been about 4 leaves total between 2 plants. I thought it was light burn bc its so random. Think ill back off my nutes 1 ml per gallon tomorrow.

@Stoneybone maybe we can solve it together haha. Welcome to the community. Your plant looks great

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I’m all for the togetherness lol and thank you! Yeah, mine is primarily on the tips but just that one leaf has those spots…weird for sure. This is all a learning process for me and I really NEED to be successful with this first grow… it’s my medicine and all my money for about the next 4 months is tied up in the tent set up and everything needed to hopefully have a good harvest… failure isn’t an option…lol


Welcome to forum this is a great place, with a lot of people that will help you along your adventure. I’m new too, and nearing the end of my first grow. I ran into a lot of issues cause I’m new and hard headed says my wife lol. Will tag u in my journal take a look what not to do, also agree with others post, nute burn on tips, which means your doing a good job pushing the limit, maybe back down nutes a bit next feeding.
Everyone needs these charts, and good luck ask ? Tag people, you never learn if you don’t ask

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Well your plants are looking pretty good. You do have some burnt tips which is also a sign of nutrient burn…specifically nitrogen, i believe. Im on my first grow so this is all new to me as well, but many of the people on here really know their stuff and i am sure they will get you through.

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That one disfigured leaf looks like an old fan on it’s way out. There’s a bit of ‘claw’ that could be N toxicity but I’m leaning more to an old fan ready to yellow and drop. Pretty plant!


Welcome to the “not a green bone in my body” club.

Is it possible you dribbled some nutriented water on that leaf?

I’m with everyone else here, though. All in all she’s looking wonderful. The burnt leaf tips are right where I aim - just the very cusp of nute burn which imo means I know I pushed it exact as far as I could without causing actual harm to the plant.

Just watch and be at the ready with a potassium/phosphorus heavy nutrient to replenish her once you feel the burn has been remedied sufficiently.

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Look ur plant looks good dont hard on ya self everyone makes mistakes just take it as lesson learnt

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