Help needed outdoor grow - leaves have spots sad plants :(

Hi all, bit of info, first grow, the weather has suddenly gone crazy here in UK, rain rain rain! i’ve temporary covered them over night but will be building a cover that protects them from rain and still allows them sun day and night.

They have been outside a week or 2 and sadly its been mainly rain, i’m not sure how often to feed them and suspect the rain has washed away the nutrients. The leaves have developed white spots on them and there is drooping(the sun will be coming soon) I’m super worried about them as i have no idea what’s wrong and how to fix it! any help would be amazing.

  • CBD Critical Mass by CBD Crew
  • Method: Soil
  • Vessels: Pot’s
  • PH of Water, not sure also had outdoor rain. holes in plantpots for runoff
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable - Not sure used an allround dry granules was advised to get
  • Outdoor
  • Natural light
  • Temps; Day: 17dc Night:10/11dc
  • Humidity; Day 70% Night 70% with wind
  • Ventilation system; N/A
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier, N/A
  • Co2; Yes, No N/A


sorry Nutrient solution is dry granules: N-P-K(5-2-5+2MgO+XEOX containing magnesium)

It looks fine. Probably just water damage that happens to outside plants


@HornHead is right.


@HornHead @AAA thank’s guys, these are my first plants ever and its for medical so very anxious about them as i’m a noob, appreciate the feedback, i thought they were looking Iron deficient? going off charts on here.

Them being outside and size they are, do you or anyone else have any advice on how often i should be feeding them with the N-P-K granules? and obviously i’m doing the right thing building the shelter from this rain downpour?
thank you

Rain is the worst when your plants are flowering. In veg state not too bad.

As far as feeding, sorry I do living soil, not enough experience with granule feeding.

What size are those pots? You might consider potting up.


Ah ok thank you, will be tap and monitor PH if i can get these to Floweing. I think i haven’t fed them enough, should be once a week thats why the bottom has some dying leaves as they are oldest and bit of discolouration as its sending neuts to the new leaves at top. Rain stopped so fed them and just given them a watering to sink the feed. Hopefully i haven’t just killed them : /

Should i do another post in beginner(or grow diary) for more questions? i’m just worried about these 2 ladies but dont want to clog or annoy people

they are in 5Ltr maybe 6-7Ltr pots

No real info on your soil. I’m not sure what is available in the UK.

If you are using a good soil you might not need to granule feed yet.

I would think about transplanting to a 44L/10 gallon containers with a quality soil. If they have enough time to get big you might need to pot up in size to a 60-80 liter pot.

You can start a grow journal and tag me in or just keep tagging me here.

I’ll keep checking back. If I can’t answer I’ll tag in some senior members that can.


I think your soil needs better drainage. When you transplant you should consider adding 20% perlite.

Plants are small for there age and I think an aerated soil would help.

You don’t have to go to 40L plus pots, but giving a larger pot with better aerated soil will make the plant get bigger with healthier roots.

All this is based on the plant getting enough sun.

Overall, your plant looks healthy. Whatever nutrients you decide to feed, start slow.

I’m tagging in @Amjk, she is a grower in the UK and can help with soil and nutes.

Let’s see her advice, better to have multiple eyes on this.


Hi I’ve used canna professional soil with canna terra nutes with great success and biobizz lightmix with biobizz nutes, all available on Amazon. I then go by their feeding schedule on mixing nutes. If I can help with anything please feel free to ask but I will say I haven’t grown ‘this miracle’ plant outdoors only indoors. Good luck with your grow! (Oh also Iv used fabric pots and added in perlite for extra drainage) you can use the fabric pots outside too again I got from amazon. :v:t2:


Thank you! He should be set now…


@Amjk @AAA

Hey thank you for getting back to me : ) much appreciated. When re-potting would a whole new type of soil confuse or harm my plants? same with switching neuts? will have a look at products as ive been using dry pellet feed due to heavy rain atm, hopefully sun comes out soon here! will look into pots and perlite for drainage thanks guys : )

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I can’t see why it would, both those souls I recommend are low on nutes so shouldn’t harm. I would think the only harm might be if you planted into a soil that was too ‘hot’ for the plants like heavy on nutes already mixed in the soil. :v:t2:


^ agreed!

Hi guys, the girls cheered up after i got them some shelter from the rain, added extra drainage to pots. we’ve still had on n off sun.(the pots are bigger than they look and i really dont wanna transplant again at 3months) This is what they were like then one of the plants is suddenly VERY droopy, i trimmed a few dead leaves off it but this has me worried.
@AAA @Amjk

them ok

now one like this, i take them out n place in sun dont know if moving is stressing her:

It looks like the droop is either under or overwatering. Judge the weight of the pot to determine which.

Also, if you monitor the day and night cycles you will see that the plants droop at certain times, but in your case it looks a little more than that, that’s why I suggested the watering.


the rain hasn’t been able to get at them since prior pic and i do open up the front to let air in, but i guess they are growing thirsty girls so possibly is water? i usually stick finger in n see if soil is moist or not, her colour is good so i dont think she needs a feed.

thank you very much! help always appreciated, water and she has bounced back! im always scared to over water, going to keep better notes, now they are sheltered it gets hotter for them and no rain

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Don’t be afraid to stick your finger down a few inches to check the moisture in the soil.

I’m always amazed at how I think I am watching my plants, but I’m really not. Look at the plants, touch the leaves and the stem, and feel the soil.


@AAA had you covered :v:t2: