Help needed leaves have yellow patches and are crumbling off

purple bud(feminized) from seed to now is seven weeks and I’ve noticed this in the last two days she’s still in veg atm I feed every day and was wondering if that’s to much n should just water inbetween? Any help would be appreciated as I’m a first time grower

I see that but I don’t think it’s enough to offer opinion, Got any more pictures?

I think I’m seeing a Cal Mag issue on the leaf above the one that’s damaged but I can’t really tell from that picture

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I am new also but i do know you should never ever feed every day in soil. It shouldnt even get water every day, think about it, does it rain everyday at your house? You wanna simulate the outside at its best. It is imperative if you want to grow successfully and have immediate answers to your questions, to download the free ILGM Grow Bible. If not you will panic every time your plants get sad. Whatever you are feeding her should have a feedung schedule to tell you how often to feed if not google that brand and do half of the strength of what it recommends until you see how she reaponds to it. . Most people in soil will water and wait a couple days and then feed then and wait a couple days and water sometimes water twice a week and feed once a week. But its best to feed according to the products feeling schedule at 1/2 strength until you see if they like it.

Yeah your right rookie mistake I guess, i don’t really give it a lot but even still you make a good point its just this one leaf that’s troubling me here’s a better pic of it

is that the spot where you pour in your nutes?

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Yeah, the rest of her is looking pretty healthy its only the one that’s effected

might be over splash from your nutes…direct contact causing the leaves to burn… just a guess…plant looks great

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I’ll be more careful at what I’m doing when feeding just wasn’t sure why this was happening thanks for the help

Oh yeah that picture is very nice nice plant just keep an eye on that spot good luck

@paranorman thanks and yeah I’ll defo be keeping watch of whats going on with this one

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Spread the plant open to get more light in there all the way thru to the soil , what’s you PH and PPM , have you added and Calmag to feeding , your schedule should be water , water , than feed . Plant is looking great , good lush green color , but keep an eye on that coloration there cause it will start low and spread up the plant , but as of now she looks good . What’s you light heights , but I would spread open the branches by tying them down gently with a few bread wrappers and let more light in to the plant lower leaves .

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@yoshi my light is a 600w lumii with ballast got distance between light n plant at olh 1.5ft the pH is around 6(was very high at one point 7.5) I havnt added calmag yet should i mix it with my nutes how should I go about tying some branche back just pick a select few?

@Dibby I usually put .5 ml of Calmag in my nutrient feeding every other feeding , but per say if you grow in coco coir than I’ll used in every feeding due to coco not having and calcium or magnesium in the coco , but most organic soils has trace elements of some calcium and magnesium but not much is relevant to why you should add it to help prevent magnesium or calcium deficiencies during growth .

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Thanks for the sound advice I got some today will add with my next feed and also the yellowing of the leaf doesn’t seem to be spreading any further and isn’t on any of my other plants maybe I panicked slightly but I’ll be sure to ask for further help when needed as you all are a lot more experienced in this then me, we all gotta start off at the bottom tho ay thank you guys again for the help its more then appreciated

@Paranorman @Oak @yoshi was just wondering where u guys stand on super cropping,topping,fim does this really get you a lot more yeild and which method do you guys prefer to use

I fim or top everything usually just once but I don’t have time to tie down or train, I’ve got a back issue and I can’t move things and bend much these days

I appreciate you adding me in with those guys but I am just a rookie, lol… have not actually grown anything in thirty years… I like topping…it shrinks your main kola but you get two of them…pretty sure it increases that part of the yield by about 25%…
LST and scrogging are the two techniques I will be focusing on when my beans arrive. IMO both of those techniques make incredible strides in maximizing the plants production without causing it any harm… for a strong example of using various techniques to maximize a plant read the thread… Monster Cropped GoldLeaf Scrog… it is a grow journal by hillcrest and he has made some amazing accomplishments… the thread takes you through about three consecutive grows with lots of pictures of various stages…very informative…and it might give you a chubby too


I topped one of myn today and supercropped another just to test them out I was thinking of letting my others grow on their own tho was just curious what was the preferred method as I’m having to read a lot of information online but you guys will have tried n tested a lot of them already, yes oak I read a little through that one in fact there’s a few people’s on here that are pretty damn awesome I will end up going that way myself in time I reckon cheers for the info every little helps

@Dibby those techniques definitely increase your yield by 25% or more , but the sure way of a big yield is long vegging time , the longer your veg the bigger your plant root system develops and that’s key to a big harvest , but as for you I would experiment with all those options , film , top , LST train , super cropping , and scrogging if you growing in limited space , my biggest yield yet was almost 26 ounces in a small 2x2x5 tent but I vegged for about four months to main line the plant and super cropped it than scrogged it , but give it a try so you can at least say you experienced the techniques for yourself . Now for a guy like myself that don’t have lots of space , I try to maximize my lil tent to as much as I can cause I grow from seed each grow , unlike most guys clone and keep a perpetual grow going cause they have veg tents and flower tents , but with limited space I can train one plant and scrog it and get at least 10-14 ounces off that one plant is why I used training and topping techniques .

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It’s nothing more satisfying for most lab members to help out most of you new comers to grow and harvest your own smokable bud from the fruits of your labor , most of us consider it a passion to see you guys reach success .