Help needed identifying problemComplete beginner

Hey peeps, I’m a complete beginner and have somehow managed to get my babies to this stage. I’m struggling g to identify what is wrong with these leaves. Do you think it’s heat stress or a nutrient deficiency? I moved my lamp up higher as they got too hot but now am worried they will get too leggy. Help!!!

Could be spider mites, but tough to tell from the pictures…look under leaves,.if yes get a spray immediately, and if yes also can pluck the leaves and throw it away in a trash bag to prevent an outbreak…good luck hope it’s something else.

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Yep. Or thrips. Either way, inspect for pests, get some spinosad, and neem oil.


Whats that right under your thumb?

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Thanks peeps. Can’t see any mites under leaves but have dusted plants with diatomaceous earth whilst I try to figure it out.
I’ve got some spray on order and will give it all a good spray when it arrives.

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Do I need to get this under control before I put into flowering stage? Will I be able to get this under control? Should I just give up and scrap them and start again?

Spray the Neem oil at lights out, and don’t be afraid to give her a good soaking. I would look her over a few days after spraying, to make sure the pests are gone before flowering. You don’t want bugs in flowering :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much. Do I spray pure neem
Oil directly into plants?

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Amazon is messing with me and not letting me copy its link.

This is a 3 part mixture, works great, shake it up well before use, don’t forget to spray the bottom of the leaves and stalk. Run your fans over her too.

Ah thanks but not available in U.K. Ive got some pure neem oil coming so will try and figure out how to mix it.

With neem, if you are to mix a gal (3.7854 l), do 5ml neem and 5ml dawn dish soap!

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Brilliant thank you. My neem arrives today so shall make up a batch and get spraying.