Help needed , fading too much? should I feed or just water till trichome’s turn?

Fading super hard but trichome still clear, what to do? Need help!

The blueberry in the front is very close so will just water her for one more week and hopefully the trichome’s turn by then.

The 2 in the back started flowing 2 weeks after the blueberry so should I give them one more feed with a compost tea or just water them for the last 2-3 weeks as well?


All the same strain? Yup id feed once more at least for the two in the back. Front one is getting closer!


Thanks mate, the one at the front is the blueberry, left back is the Amnesia Haze, and the other is a North Light.

I germinated 4 seed thinking 1 or 2 wouldn’t work out, but harvested the Northern light a week ago and currently drying. I didn’t realize how much variation in veg time there would be, almost 4 weeks from the first plant flowering to the last.

It’s also turned pretty cold and dry here the last couple weeks so would that also contribute to how hard they are fading?

Thanks again


That will affect them for sure. That is probably where those nice “fall colors” came from.


Is that second pic amnesia? Mine turned out just like that even without low temps.