Help Needed! Autoflower getting yellow tips and yellow leaves?

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So this is my first real grow. This plants is an autoflowering Fruit Punch (90% Sativa), I’m using a grow tent with great LED Lights.

I don’t have an exact date but I believe that it started flowering around January 15th (give or take some) so it’s about a month into flower. I made the mistake of using Miricale Grow soil with the 6 Month fertilizer pellets in it. I did not know at the time this was an issue. I have also been giving it some fox farm nutrients. I noticed the tips of the leaves turning yellow recently and then last week started noticing leaves turning yellow randomly. (They pull off easily once they shrivel up and are completely yellow) two days ago I checked PH (6.5ish) and flushed with gallons of distilled water. At the end of the flush I gave it a proper dose of fox farm nutrients and that was a couple days ago…the tips of the leaves seem to be getting worse still and I’m looking for recommendations on what if anything that I can do. Also it is in a fabric 5 gallon pot.

Should I flush it again and not give any nutrients this time? Can I somehow remove some of the soil carefully and replace with organic soil? Any help would be apritiated thanks!


Are you able to check your runoff ph and ppm? I wouldn’t be too alarmed by yellowing leaves at bottom of plant, or by leaf tips. Getting that data would give us pretty good idea of what’s going on in your root zone.


I agee with @dbrn32 I have seen my tips burn when I let my hydro water level get to low and have a really high PPM. Nutes burn. Might need a good water flush.

The top of your plant looks healthy. yellowing at the bottom during flowering could be the plant may be drawing nutrients to the flowers and pulling from the lower shaded leaves.


So I checked the runoff PH two days ago when I flushed it originally, the runoff was like 6.5-6.6.

Another thing I forgot to mention is that I water this plant exclusively with distilled water. It has never had tap water before. Is this okay? Can I save myself money by using boiled tap water?

That should be ok, did you test for ppm or ec?

Using tap water can be fine, depends on the tap water. Most will treat for chloramine or chlorine on municipal water, and a lot of suspended solids can cause some problems. But generally speaking tap water is usually ok to use.

I don’t have a Ppm meter but I can order one and have it in a couple days if you think it’s important to have :+1:

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Well, for the cost they are pretty damn handy. I won’t lie and tell you I used mine all the time though. But that and ph pen are first two things I would grab if i seen an issue.

I will get one ordered ASAP, do you have any advice for me further? Should I flush again or just keep doing what I’m doing and see if it gets worse?

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I wouldn’t flush it based on what i see in pics. In ideal world you would get meter before your next watering, then water to runoff and test it. If it needs water before then so be it. Just allow pot to dry out before watering.

My plants water ph is 6.2 when I water and runoff is 5.6. I’m having yellowing/ shriveling of lower leaves on my autos around 6 weeks since planting. Top of the plant is healthy. I put in 3ml/l bio bloom nutes into my water What can I do to ensure it’s getting all the nutrients it needs?

You have got to get your soil ph up water with like a 6.8 ph next watering and see if it raises soil ph if your using soil it hydro idk but i am still a nubie myself but im pretty sure your run off of phd water is pose to be in range 6.5-6.8soil coco 6-6.5 hydo i dont know for sure but i know its 5 something

I am having a similar issue with my banana daddy autoflower at 46 days old I am using flora series nutes the leaves at the bottom are turning yellow but the top of her looks fine this is my first grow can someone please help me try to figure this out be really appreciated :pray::pray::pray::pray::pray:

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