Help needed 1st time grower

Hello all I’ve just got my NPK SOLUTION
I’m using organic soil
Which is the best way to apply it

I would mix fill strength as per mfg directions with proper ph’d water and then take that mix 1/2 and 1/2 with ph’d water :sweat_drops: Or mix 1/3 solution to 2/3 ph’d water , start slow as see how your plants react to the feeding you could always work up easier than removing to much :+1:
I’m not an expert and just started growing indoors
That’s how I would deal with it
Happy growing

First off don’t feed full strength, more is not always better, in this case less is better, start off at half strentgth. Also that’s a little strong to start off on your plants you should maybe start with a ratio of 2-1-1 or 4-2-2 in veg that always need a higher nitrogen ratio than p-k. feeding is something you need to start off slow on.

This being said the ratio you wanna feed depends on age and size of plant, also depends if it still had embryonic leaves attached also known as cotyledons.

Hope this helps happy growings I’ll watch your topic in case of further need of help

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You can use a bio bucket aswell for extra Co2 that helps your plants iff you have to little fresh air in the room you use you blowing vents and put it next to it its very cheap and lasts up to 65 days i got one to and is very easy to hsndle. You can check them at hope this helps you a littld bit bro Happy Grow