HELP NEEDED! 1st grow journal

How much longer would you let them go before flipping

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I vegged out a single plant for three months before flipping, 1.275 pounds dry weight. ILGM BlackBerry Kush! With some topping and LST.
I don’t have to worry about space, I have to worry about Hight! Keep it up the girls look great


That’s awesome. I’m a first timer, you think that’s possible for me? :joy:

Height is always the problem so don’t let them get too tall before flipping to flower but you could easily do a couple more weeks of veg from what I’m seeing.


Thats all up to you. A few more weeks atleast. I would think ad much ad you can while still having room to flower.

You dont want to be stressing out in a few months about what to do. :wink:
Just make sure you have a plan but also can adjust it when need be.
If you shoot for 4 weeks and feel 3 is alright than go with it.
Happy growing…


Ok. I’m convinced. A couple more weeks it is. Thanks fellas.


I’m with @Hellraiser and @HippieRunner


@Dwiper, the first batch is done, I’m just waiting for Sour Tangie to ripen, for me! 1st. Batch was Sour Tangie, Super lemon Mac, Runtz, Blackjack, so far not counting Sour T. It’s 18.6 oz so hopefully it’s over 2.1/2 lbs.

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@Dwiper, ty for the tag, those babies sure are looking pretty, veg them to see you the flowering signs, pistils. Then flip them ladies to flower, set the timer to 12:12 and wait! Hope that helps you with your grow. hey man I just want to see everybody have a successful grow and have the medicine that they need to make their rehabilitation in their life worth more living. Good luck with your grow, happy growing

@Dwiper, exactly what @Hellraiser said, don’t do like I do, veg them til there 5ft tall, unless you have a plan. My plan was that Sour Tangie was supposed to go to an outdoor grow, but never happened. So I had to bend the hell of the plants to get them at a good level to flower!

This wouldn’t work, so this what you have to do! If your me!

Good luck with your grow, and happy growing


@Dwiper, thx for the tag. wow nice! Look at you go. Grow them babies til you see pre flowering signs, pistils.

Those babies will let you know when to flip them, i veg for lots of weeks.