Help need quick cheap fix for new light 80x80x160cm

Having trouble deciding on a new light under £100 not sure on either an new led or try hps now i have couple of led’s that are cheap but can do the job and have had good to great results. KINGBO 300W DUAL BUTTON VEG AND FLOWER OR THE VIPARSPECTRA 300W
OR THERE IS A COUPLE OF HPS LIGHT KITS ON AMAZON 250W 400W OR 600W LUMEN LITE OR OMEGA Makes/models but i worry about the electric bill if i get hps/mh dual band. ?? Any and all help welcome i really need help.

Look at 315 lec fixtures

I run the 630 version my self
Heat isnt as much as hps but a little more than led

These lights work great and you dont need to change bulbs

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@dbrn32 can you tell me about this plz and is tht wat u were trying to say about pppf.


Thanks but thy are a bit more expensive over in this country but its an option for the future i may try its looking like hps dual band or the kingbo 300w veg and bloom dual switches.

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@Countryboyjvd1971 what ballasts are best magnetic plastic or metal dimmable ballasts or wat plz

I woyld have to say metal dimable would be better

That’s a spectral distribution graph. It shows you the relative intensity of one wavelength vs the others.

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