Help need pruning help

Hi I’m in desperate need of some tips in pruning I’ve tried a little but honestly I don’t know where to begin


Dead and badly damaged fan leaves go first. Start with that then see what you have left. Maybe post updated pictures after the first round.

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You have probably run out of room at the top of your box yes?
Are those auto or photos?

Start by taking the large fan leaves, either use pruning scissors cleaning with rubbing alcohol. Or my preferred method is just pinching them off at the stem. Take any suckers branches at low level that arnt getting any light. Your plant will waste energy in those branches and there produce little if any bud. You want a canopy of green. And anything below it goes. Pruning should be constant. Not done in one go. Take a good 10-20 fan leaves, and prune every 3-7 days after new growth has grown. Using a SCROG net is really useful. You can control the height of your plant, spread it out and direct more bud sites to your light and makes pruning alot easier. It’s easier to see where needs pruning.


Yes and they are photos I’m a beginner so i don’t really know exactly which leaves to cut

Ok got it thank you

Thank you that was very informative I’ll be keeping posted I want to go into flower but I want to get rid of all leaves and branches I don’t need

I know it says supercropping, but he covered pruning and defoliation too. Little bit long, but it’s a good watch.