HELP need new nutrients. Would like high quality

Yes, I use a 50/50 mixture of FF Ocean Forest and FF Coco Loco. Mixed together not layered. Usually allows me to go 6-8 weeks with no nutrients. Basically I will flip at 6-8 weeks and need to start Jack’s within the first week to 10 days After flipping lights.


I used advanced nutrients OIM Iguana - grow and bloom and other AN supplements labeled organic. At the time, however, many of their supplements I used were not available in an organic formulation. AN was in the process of filling out its organic line and relabeling everything.
This photo has most of what I used

I only had four plants growing at at time. The cost, although high, I accepted. I also grew in FF ocean forest that I amended significantly (compost, minerals, worm castings, etc) which reduced the dose levels. Now, I use coco and have eleven plants. No way would I try to push that much AN. I still use some AN, at reduced rates, to supplement Jack’s. It is probably unnecessary but you know what they say about old habits.
Would I recommend AN organics for smaller grows in soil - absolutely.