HELP! nearing harvest & the bottom of my SSH is maturing faster than the top colas

Okay so here’s my dilemma.(not trying to type a paper just trying to give yall the best idea so i can figure out the problem). I have eight babies. Four of which are 2 gall smart pots and four are 5 gall smart pots all SSH from you guys. They germinated for two days and were sprouted and placed in pots on Oct 1. I let the 2galls veg until nov. 1 and the 5galls vegged til nov. 14. in veg i done a lot of experimenting. have a few super cropped, topped, and mainlined none the less they were all very very healthy not to mention THEY ARE HUGE. the big babies have a 300 watt led light a piece and the 2galls have one light per two plants. so in total that’s 1800 watts for 8 babies. two of them have an even canopy so they are all filled out but on the rest of them i have a couple of branches out doing the rest of the plant but the problem is they aren’t filling out like the bottom and sides have. i’ve been reading and the only explanation i’ve found that might be the cause is the temp of the canopy is higher where those colas are. i dont want to cut these branches off but they are basically touching the light and i have no more room to move them up. they are all over 3 feet tall. with that being said i have branches at the bottom with all kinds of colored trichromes. I don’t know how to harvest my plant in a way where the whole plant reaches peak potential without any of it degrading or being immature. they are covered in resin but you can tell which branches are more progressed than others. my last question is i switched the 2galls to 12/12 on nov 1 and the 5galls to 12/12 on nov. 14 and some of the 5galls are showing more progress than the ones who started flowering sooner. on ILGM it says 65 days flower for SSH so for the 2galls they should be ready somewhere between jan 6-10. in that case do they swell up right at the end bc it seems theres no way possible for them to finish by then based on what they look like and what the plants in the pic for SSH looked like. after i switched them to 12/12 it took two weeks before puffs of hairs start popping up everywhere. I see plenty of resin and trichromes now but no FAT buds. i picked this type bc it said cash crop with huge yields. hoping it turns out that way.

What are the temps in your room? Do you have ventilation? And what size is the grow room, also what are NPK ratios your using as you should be using the potassium to help swell your buds, but I’ll let some one help with better experience with ilgm seeds

The room is about 7 feet long and 5 feet wide and with 6 300 watt leds, at dark, temps avg between 65 and 72. at light temps avg 72-75 depending on the weather bc it has been bipolar this year in my area. however there were times where it was so hot outside in the past few weeks to where it reached 82 in my room at light. and my humidity has been kind of high i cant get it under 65 percent and sometimes its as high as 75. im usin general hydroponics flora trio

Go for some thing with more potassium, such as big bud, and here is a humidity chart maybe this will help and try to tie the branches back with a twisty tie, so they will be lower from that light and produce evenly and night should be 68 f- 72 f, and day times should be between 72 f- 80 f as they will do best growing there and indoors you are mother nature itself

Thank you so much for those pics of the temp and humidity. They will help a lot through the rest of the process. I will work on tying them back and see how that helps. I’m not worried about being patient for them to fill out. Ill wait as long as it takes for them to mature i’m mainly worried about harvesting too late and what are the drawbacks from that.

Oh and I do have five fans in total including exhaust going out with a carbon filter.The other fans are positioned in different spots int he room from the floor to ceiling to ensure good airflow so even if my humidity is a lil on the high side, is the good air flow enough to make up for the difference?

First there are several factors to consider one being they are seeds and a hybrid so can present genes of any of their ancestry so flower time can vary. Second the ones you put in 2 weeks early may not have been entirely mature or ready to go into flower plants sometimes have their own timeline which doesn’t reflect our own. I use flora trio and add Bud blood first week of flower to trigger them faster without adding bud blood easily adds week before they really start to flower if they are mature plants they trigger fast without adding trigger. Led lights have been known to bleach a bud or 2 simply because they have hot spots where they are more intense. Also buds tend to fatten up most in last couple weeks during your flush :slight_smile:

yeah you can definitely tell each baby has a mind of her own. most of them seem to be more of a haze pheno and the rest seem to be more like northern lights. i figured there was gonna be a week or two for them to really transfer to flower and show but most would say x amount of days on 12/12 and i knew by my babies progress they’re had to be some little time frame in there for transition and then 65 days atleast til flower. maybe i will start to see a difference soon. (: i appreciate everyone for their kind comments! ill have to look into that bud blood.

when people say flower timelines they do so shortest to longest short being boosters light timing changes General hydro sells kool bloom which is a booster as well

My theory is you get the best bud if you don’t try and rush flowering adding booster tends to stop plant stretch which can be helpful but I prefer to let them flower slow and go through their stretch. Simply boosted my last batch to offset costs sooner :wink:

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