Help my seedlings look sick!

Mars hydro ts3000 24" above my plants is this too low?
Starting in bubbleponics res.

1/4 tsp bloom
1/4 tsp micro
1/4 tsp grow
2ml hydrogaurd
1 tsp of calmag

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First…Its waaaaaaaaaay too wet.
Cannabis hates wet feet.


It’s wet with oxygenated water from my bubbleponics…


maybe this thread…


What is water level at ?
How close to net pot ?

Was there roots out of plug when you put into system ?

Ph is at 5.8 ?

What’s inside of system have in it ? Like what exactly are you calling bubbleponics.


Water level is at least 4 inches below net pot(5 gallons) This seedling has since shriveled up and died… I think I fried it under my light… my other two seedlings have roots coming out of my starter plugs through the net cups and I have raised my grow light atleast 12inches higher than it was. pH is 5.5 to 5.8 hard to keep it direct but I hear that you can allow a certain amount of variation between your pH. 5.4-6.2 with 5.8 being the sweet spot correct me if I’m wrong? @BetrayedSoul. Also I checked out 3 of your grow journals. Love to see another hydro grower and I can definitely learn alot from you!

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So if you have roots coming out of plugs when you put them in system you shouldn’t have to top water at all.
Just make sure the bubbles in water are giving the net pot a splash and make it damp. That’s the way I grow mine and it works perfect.
Just the moisture on bottom will get those roots growing out fast.
Can always do a couple drops up top into the hydroton to get it moist if your worried about it.

These are tips of ways I use. Remember it’s not written in stone. Just a guideline of what works for me.

Water level is good at 2 inch below pot. But no closer.

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As far as ph. You want 5.8. I stayed between 5.6 and 5.9 at all times.
Swinging to 5.4 would lock out nutrients and to high does the same.

Now I just use a ph doser and it stays 5.8

I’m using bubbleponics DWC with a nozzle that shoots the oxygenated nutrient water directly into the net cups


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Oh I see now. That’s cool.

Bruh, truthfully, I’d avoid a soil plug like that. I mean I have literally put a small spout in between the clay pebbles WITHOUT any plant starter plug and it went off no problem. Also, avoid adding nutes before the roots hit the water. But that’s just my preference. You dont wanna burn the little princess right out of the gate. I’ve done that. I dont add nutes til roots hit the water any more, and my girls still fill my tent and fill out real nice :slight_smile: