Help my run off of on 3.3

What can I add to soil to help

please fill out a supprt ticket

What are you using to test the runoff?
Have you been adding nutes to water and not checking the pH before feeding ?
3.3 is scary low. What’s the pH of your tap water? You’re going to need to flush with a lot of it.
A support ticket will help people zero in on your issues.

I’m gonna call this one off the bat you need a new method of checking pH 3.3 to me seems like u have a meter going haywire 3.3 is around strait vinegar or orange juice get litmus or drop / reagent test to test against your meter…they don’t lie

I use drops

I put to much aluminum sulfate in the soil I did a soil change and everything is going good


Well, when you add aluminum sulphate, the pH will drop significantly. Definitely, next time, let us know what you did to cause the pH drop, so we can more easily help you. :grinning:

Before adding the aluminum, what was your pH? Have you thought about using citric acid to lower pH, instead?

It was 8.0 and yes I forgot

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Glad you caught it quickly. A little of any pH buffer/adjuster does it.

Do you know why your pH got up so high?

Yeaaaa or that :joy::joy: