Help! My plants are sick looking and I don’t know what the problem is

fill out a support ticket Strain; Type, Bag Seed, Or Na

Soil In Pots, Hydroponic, Or Coco?

System Type?

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir?

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? Ec, Or Tds

Indoor Or Outdoor

Light System, Size?

Temps; Day, Night

Humidity; Day, Night

Ventilation System; Yes, No, Size

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier,

Co2; Yes, No

Add Anything Else You Feel Would Help Us Give You A Most Informed Answer. Feel Free To Elaborate, But Short, To The

Questions And Facts Will Help Us Help You. also a clear pic so we can see the problem areas.

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Seeing signs of Nitrogen deficiency, that was over-corrected and now shows signs of Nitrogen toxicity.

Probably needs a good flush with PH balanced water.

Fill out the support ticket for a more accurate resolution to your problem.

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Where do I find the support ticket on here? I’m still figuring the forum out.

Thanks for replying as well!

If you scroll up a little, @Deepsix has posted the ticket info. Just copy/paste then fill it out.

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Humility to high and PH is wrong :eye:

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Strain- Skywalker OG, Bruce Banner, and Black Widow
Soil In Pots- Miracle-Gro Garden Soil
System Type?
Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir? Unknown
What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? 1 tbs of fish emulsion per gallon once a week.
Indoor- 48x24x60
Light System, Size? Bloom Plus 1000w
Temps; Day, Night 75 to 80
Humidity; Day, Night- Unknown
Ventilation System; Two 6 inch fans.
Co2; No
The plants started yellowing even with the fish emulsion feeding once a week, so I fed them the liquid Miracle Gro solution and that when things got worse.

Miracle grow potting soil


I’d say your issue is your soil. MG is known as a hot soil; meaning it’s already packed with nutrients, then it was nuked with even more nutrients.

If it was me, I’d transplant to a more neutral soil then flush.

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Like @Deal and @dex2020 said. Miracle grow has time released nutrients and if you add more nutrients when watering you have overloaded it. You should check your Ph and PPM going in when you water and your run off And welcome to the community. those leaves will not recover.


Thanks for the feedback guys!


Your killing them with kindness
Stop feeding and do a flush on them wait a day or two and put them in fresh soil in bigger pots.
Don’t feed for 3-4 weeks or so as FFOF Etc has some nutrients in there and depending on how fast they grow will dictate how fast those nutrients are used up.
Do you want to grow chemical or organic?
MG usually chemical although they do make an “organic” feed.
The fish emulsions is organic if no fillers etc.
chemical route requires all the PH and PPM checks and such
Organic route with a living soil reduces the need to do those things.
Check out your local grow stores and pick up 2 bags of 1.5 cu ft bags of Ocean Forrest or Roots organic potting soil (About 10 gallons soil in one bag) and transplant them into fresh soil and bigger pots (5 gallon or larger) after flushing them first and then dry for a day or so.
That will reset them some and give them a cannabis friendly soil.

Again you’ll want to decide what feed/grow style using chemically based feed or organic feed.

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You may be in a hurry as far as getting soil. Fox Farms Happy Frog is
another choice for soil. Ocean Forest is a fairly hot soil and will need no nutes for 4-5 weeks. Happy Frog will get you a few weeks then you’ll need to feed. If you want to know when its time to feed you can get a tds meter. It will help you determine the level of nutrients in your soil by giving you a ppm (parts per miliion) reading. A lot of people who grow in soil shoot for around 1000ppm. You can even tell how much your plant is eating by doing a tds reading on the nutrients you are feeding her, and then test the runoff after. Just about everyone here has a pH meter and a tds meter. If your tight on $ you can get them on Amazon for about $10 a piece. If you want quality meters check with Apera.
You got a good diagnosis on what was wrong with your plant. Good luck with your grow. If you need anyone in particular to answer a question in the future just tag us, by putting @ and our name right after. This is a really good group!


Thanks @Skydiver

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Welcome to the community!

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