Help my plants are looking rough!

Hello so I’m growing five super skunk fem seeds from ilgm. I transplanted 4 of them about three weeks ago and they were looking okay. They have pretty dark leaves and the new growth now is starting to look real lime green and small I’m am thinking phosphorus excess because I haven’t given them many nutrients at all. I transplanted into a mix of fox farms ocean forest and some sun grow black gold, was this a mistake mixing them and am I wrong about the excess should I give them a feeding of general flora series?

Here is a whole other problem however may be even more major! Last night I was testing my soil ph and I was around 7 so I added some aluminum sulfate to the soil and I went to hard ph at 5.5. My fifth plant is smaller I planted her a few weeks after the other 4 and this one is in only sun grow black gold soil. I think it didn’t have enough nutrients as opposed to the others ( I’ll post this pic at the end of just this one plant) this looks real bad is about to die.

Sooo I flushed with distilled water and baking soda ph about 8 and it seems to at least have brought the soil back in range but I need advice on what to to and how I should treat the whole situation for the four bigger plants and the little. Also they have super pink and purple stems. I have done three indoor and two outdoor grows but I’m still very much a beginner.

My tent is 4x4 my light is Mars hydro tsw 2000 about 24 inches on full room temp is 66 to 75 speed control extractor using spring water with general flora series.

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The leaves touching the soil is no good. They will discolor and die off from sitting on the soil. Ffof soil has enough nutes to supply the plant for 2 to 5 weeks depending on size and all. Not sure on the other soil. What is ur runoff ppm reading?? That will tell alot if there is nute avail in the soil still or if u need to start adding. Plants look nice and can be fixed with no problems. Lets get some good guys in here to swing u the right way. @Covertgrower @CoyoteCody @kaptain3d @Nicky @DefNSmokn can tag ppl to get their attention by adding the @ symblo with no spaces before their name. Good luck.


You complicated your own problem, I doubt you have a phosphorus excess and adding things to the soil to alter the PH should be done prior to planting your plant not Durring. Although if you are going to do it Durring then it should be done correctly and that would mean doing a soil slurry test first, as PH is not accurate from run off.
Then you flushed all your nice rich nutrient soil, with distilled water to boot.

Take a soil slurry sample and test the PH and the tds of it for each plant. Report back and let’s go from there.

New growth comes in lime green