Help, my plants are dying!

I have some more questions for you!
How often should I run the light? I’ve been running 18 hrs. Veg + bloom.
Do I still add Micro, Grow and Bloom nutrients to water every week?

I’d leave the leaves on until they’re really dead. They contain nutrients that the plant will use as they senesce.

18 on, 6 off is a fine light cycle for vegetative growth. You want to have both bloom and veg on.

I would not fertigate. Others would. You’re probably going to repot the plants at least once or twice before they’re in their final container. I would move from happy frog to a hotter soil like ocean forest. I might even add in organic amendments to the soil to make it even hotter.


Thank you again! Hopefully I’ll have happier plants next time we talk as you have provided me so much of you wisdom I look forward to letting you know how my girls do.

Thank you again KeystoneCops!

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First I’ve seen of them

Droopy isn’t droopy anymore!!!
I’m so happy about this and it’s all because of you!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me save my plant! :hugs:


Do you mean like Nature’s Living soil ammendment or something like Mykos @KeystoneCops ?

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No, my indoor soil amendments include:

Blood meal
Bone meal
Rock phosphate
Garden gypsum
Green sand
Earthworm castings

Not that I don’t add microbial inputs. I do. The earthworm castings should have some. I’ll sometimes make lactobacillus. And I’ve selected Growers ReCharge over Mykos or other options.

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