Help my plants are dying


Hello all. I have posted pictures on here of my past 2 grows. I have a 600 watt digital ballast I use hortilux bulbs - hps & mh- DWC - I use an air conditioner for my light. I have been using Advanced Nutrients. I just started using first grow was ilgm super skunk in was pretty good considering I started of with tap water—-I live in North Carolina and the tap water here has a ppm of 360. I only use store bought filtered water = ppm 20 or ppm 4 - depending if its distilled . My second grow was ilgm amnesia haze and they were monsters compared to my first grow. I experimented with voodoo juice and piranha so I thought things could only get better. I started my third grow ilgm gold leaf. And things have not gone that great. This is strain is a bit touchy. Can anyone out there help. . I Am REALLY INTRESTED IN THIS STRAIN. Robert says you can smoke the leaves… whoowee…


Sure you can smoke the leaves. Dry them, roll them up and smoke’em up.
BUT…unless it’s covered in crystals…NOTHING.
Many years ago, The Hippie Era, everyone wanted nothing but leaves. Why?
Because the Mexican growers didn’t watch the grow closely and would not kill males immediately. A few males would seed an acre of quality weed…with the result being every female was packed to the max with seeds. Seeds when smoked give people headaches.
In this growing era of Freedom, Americans now have the luxury of smoking sensimilla. Hence, the experienced buyer/smoker will not buy weed with seeds.
That as well as the decreasing interest for Mexican bricks of overly compressed, moldy smelling seeded weed is starving the Cartels. I am very glad the Drug Lords of Mexico are loosing business. Just like the failed alcohol prohibition of the last century, once it became legal, the gangsters starved as business evaporated. Every plant grown in America, puts less money in the hands of the Cartels. They gonna starve and kill each other off.


I don’t smoke the “sugar” leaves or what I call trim; I make an alcohol tincture from them-
I don’t do anything with the large fan leaves


Right on!
I am growing for that main reason. I just want to be self sufficient and not have to deal with all the junk that goes with buying black market
The cartels will get no more of my money.
That’s the main reason I started growing now the grow is just as important to me as the final product
Plus I find it very cool to smoke my own stuff!


Hi i’m glad the cartels are losing money also I grow because I enjoy smoking it helps me sleep I’m 40+ years old and I do not drink alcohol no shame to those who do though some laws in the United States are arcane.


Hi can anyone look at these pictures and maybe give me some information on how I can better care for my plants if they’re lacking in any nutrients


Hi @Hashassin, it looks like you’ve got a calcium deficiency. I would add some Cal Mag in next watering.


I use a little cal-mag. But only every once in a while because when I do use it the plants get sad looking ( I think )


They get sad looking, really? What is your Ph?


I try to keep it at 5.8. For some reason it keeps going down so I’ve started adding more nutrients to the water I also add water to bring ph up


My ppm is low never go above 300


My last grow was awesome I was hoping for a repeat 3 amnesia haze = at least one pound on my second grow I was impressed.


5.8 shouldn’t be a problem, but your PPM is pretty low for such a big plant. I would raise PPM to about 500 and see how she does. If there’s no nute burn, I would raise it again to 800. I think she’s hungry.


I’ll try that and see what happens.


Thank you for taking the time to respond. I wonder if the plant looks bigger in the picture. I don’t think it’s that big. I started the three of them at different times. The small one is a seed that I found in a bag I bought. It to longer to germinate then the ones from ilgm. I hope it’s not a male I have been keeping an eye on it.


. The fingers on my leaves are growing and staying skinny


Well, the biggest plant looks big and can probably take some more nutes. The smaller ones probably not though. I think the stunted leaves are from a deficiency, so again, up the PPM.