Help, My plants are being difficult!

Hey everyone.

Can anyone give any advice on where I’m going wrong? I’ve really struggled to find a rhythm this Grow, and I’m getting pretty frustrated.

I have 6x Durban Poison X Chem Dog, plus 1x Gorilla Glue #4.

Organic potting mix with 10% perlite.

Lights on temp is 27. Lights off is 19.

450w Helios 450x light. (Have a 2nd one on standby)

Here’s my grow so far… I germinated 51 days ago. I repotted too soon at 14 days, into terrible hot soil, into 5 gallon pots. I topped a few days after transplant, the plants looked healthy and fine. I then realised the mistake I had made with my soil and decided to flush. Then I got stressed and decided to buy new soil with no slow release ferts and repot back into the same 5 gallon fabric pots.

My plants have looked like crap pretty much from that 2 week mark. I haven’t fed in three weeks because I’ve had conflicting advice and I just don’t know wtf I’m doing to be honest.

My last grow I had great success. OG gelato, 4 plants, 19oz. Same method, aggressive feeding, and it was simple and problem free.

What should I do from this point? Do they need a feed? They look hungry to me but I’ve lost all confidence and just want some reassurance one way or the other.


Which soil are they in now? Organic? Organic means they don’t contain long release chemicals like mg. So without amendments in first month or month and a half she will run out of food. Nitrogen first. So you can amend the soil or provide nutrients thru water. I would recommend salt/liquid nutrients at this point though. And less frequent watering. That heavy droop from center is from overwatering.
Edit: fox farms soils or coco are much better mediums for cannabis than other store bought options. Could always cook a soil/build a soil. Create living/super soil. Fox farms are already technically living. Just a little push and they don’t need much from beginning to end. In my experience.


Thanks for the reply. Yea I hear ya. The soil they are in is called Daltons Organic Potting mix. I live in zeaNew Zealand. it’s illegal to grow here and supply of those products is tricky. I’ve never seen fox farm here, and the only similar thing I found was $60nzd (40usd) per 15 litres… so I’d have needed like $400 worth of soil which I’m not prepared to do.

I hear you on the over watering. I’ve struggled with that because the top 2 inches of soil has been drying out but the bottom hasnt… that’s the result of my early transplanting.

So I’m going to let them dry out then feed them my usual nutes (goliath nutrients (nz made but good results)) at like 2/3 strength with a half dose of calmag… sound about right?


Sounds good. It’s always about finding what works best for you.


Welcome to the community ! My first thoughts how much are you watering and how often. Also a good practice to pick the pots up before and after watering to eliminate overwatering. Also check your PPM and pH runoff make adjustments accordingly. Let’s tag in @Blackmoon he would be in your area , and can advise on available products. Happy growing my friend.


Hi @42o blackmoon here.
They been having a bit of a journey so far this round with your grow.
Other than the drupe which could well be over water.
And your coloring leaves a deficiency of something.
Your plants look good.
I’m an outdoor grower 2 seasons under my belt with the support of the forum members.
We’re in nz are you. I’m roughly near the top of the south island.
There quite a few kiwis :kiwi_fruit: on here with way more knowledge than myself.
And a few more and we are all very supportive of each other.
First 3 mentioned above grow under lights they will see this and chime in for you in good time…
Cheers and welcome.
Thanks @kellydans
Good to hear from you


I just water when the top couple inches of soil is gone dry… but as mentioned I don’t think the bottom half of my pots are drying out. I know my plants have a good sized root ball so I’m not sure what that is about. It seems to work out that I’m watering about every 4 or 5 days… its winter here and despite using a heater, maybe that’s having an impact on how quickly the plants suck up the water?

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Hey mate.

Thanks for the reply.

I’m in welly. Outdoor growing isn’t really an option for me, especially over winter.

I agree they appear over watered… I’ve struggled with drying the pots out despite my temps and humidity being spot on.

I know my plants don’t look particularly bad but compared to my last grow they look pathetic. Maybe I’m focusing too much on that and should just focus on what’s in front of me. Here are some pics from my last grow

See why I’m so gutted with this run!!

my Processing: 20210428_164621.jpg…y



I usually get into a pattern of watering about every three days but I know everybody’s climate is different so the best way is check the weight of pots also love the fabric pots. That is some nice looking buds. Keep up the good work. Happy growing !


Morning @42o hope the weather treating you fine over in the capital today. 2nd sunny day in a row here.
Wow we have had a rough July this year.
Another person that I’d like to tag in that has had tremendous learning in a short time and is a star in every one’s eyes when it comes to growing and that’s the one and only @anon33684698



Why thankyou @Blackmoon for your kind words!

@42o welcome to this awesome community! Personally I think by panicking and removing the girls from the medium they were in and replacing it, I think maybe what you’ve done is starved them of Nitrogen (I had a real fun time with this while I sorted my nutes out too - yellow leaves as far as the eye could see lol)

I’m hearing you on the availability of nutes and soils etc, I’m in Queensland and no hydro shops anywhere near my town, so it’s fleabay all the way for me. Hey, at least I’m keeping Australia Post in business!

First things first, are you sure your PH is in range and you aren’t unintentionally locking out some nutrients?
If that’s fine, then I’d be gently adding some nitrogen into your nutes schedule. They need lots at this stage of life because they all but stop absorbing it through their roots as they enter flowering stage and have to rely on their stored resources of it in their leaves later on.


Welcome aboard :slight_smile: yea pretty much all been covered by the above good folk . Long life fert in our soils is a pain in the ass , can obviously be flushed out as that pretty much what’s happened, are you ph ing and measuring your run offs?
Beautiful first grow :slight_smile: and don’t panic there’s still time to fix the girls and get back on track , be a few weeks forward of when you initially planned to harvest :slight_smile: but you will get a harvest


There photo period not auto period plants aye?

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Yep they are all feminized photos…

Ill try my hand at autos next run just because those are what I have.


Cheers for taking the time to reply.

Yea I check the pH and ppm of my feed/water before I give it to them, and I also check my run off. It’s all well within range… 6.5 - 6.8…

I’m going to give them a 2/3 strength feed of my usual nutes, Goliath Nutrients Veg part 1 and 2…I’m just waiting another couple days for my soil to dry out.

They look to have bounced back a bit today… fingers crossed I can get a routine going.

Would you take the time to scrog at this point or should I just do a little more LST and let them do their thing? I don’t really want to waste any more time… I’m looking at a 10 week veg cycle at this rate and that’s assuming all goes well from this point forward. Then they are sativa dominant so I’m looking at a long flower time too.

Thanks in advance!


Sweet your onto it :slight_smile:


You’re very welcome buddy. I’m an Auto girl so I’m afraid I can’t answer your questions about scrog or veg times etc but I’m sure the boys will be back on here before long to give you some guidance/options.


Hi there @42o how you getting on with your grow.
Hope your well yourself too
I’ve got that Rsv that’s going round what the doctor recons.
Been in bed coughing for a week as of tomorrow.
Attempt to talk and away it goes again.
Anyway making good use of in-between times researching catching up on my forum reading.
Dropped 3 auto seeds the other day.
Og kush
Northern lights
Northern lights is new for me as is auto’s.
Being an outside grower I like the idea of having some fresh cannabis before Christmas.
Didn’t happen last year started them too late.
I usually like my fem seeds or regular seeds.