Help, my plant is down bad

Hey, beginner hydroponics. I was reading a thread that was helpful because I have the same grow box as the person but i cannot find the thread anymore… first time grower, I have to get a PH meter, humidity tracker, cal mag and some more equipment. I learned alot of little gems in that thread but since I can’t find it I started this because my plant is down bad. looking nutrient burnt and just dry. I garden veggies but new to this beautiful world of growing my own, it is a blue dream girl. 3 weeks in, roughly. my blue haze didn’t make it sadly… I think she will pull through with the help of this wonderful community, please let me know what info is needed



@peachfuzz hi I remember that you were on that thread helping someone, I hope you don’t mind me tagging you here pls


she’s QUITE leggy and thin and still pale in color on the stalk. I think she’s just too heavy/tall for her own head weight. I’m not a coco/hydro grower, i’m just speaking on the look of the plant itself. There are many here, peachfuzz being one that you tagged who will excel in giving advice on the hydro side of it all :wink: happy growing and welcome to the forum


That kind of stretch would lead me to believe that the light you are using is completely inadequate/weak.

What light are you using?

Root looks brown and slimy as well, hope you have more seeds because this is not going to turn out well.


thank you so much for your kind reply, so happy to be apart of the community :heart:

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I hope the next seed you drop surpass your wildest dreams :grinning:

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hey, thank you for replying, I have more seeds, I am using Quasar full spectrum on top and 1 full spectrum LED sunblaster on each side. 3 lights in the box altogether

thank you! me too haha

Yeah that’s not gonna be enough light for much of anything if this is it

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I looked this up and found this… is this what you have?


Yeah I found that too 20 watts

Not good


@sativamomma They’re right, the lights are MOST DEFINITELY inadequate. For what that quasar cost, you could for about 20bucks more, get a 100+W full spectrum LED grow light. You’d be BETTER, to spend TWICE that though, and get an HLG 135 r-spec as they are “the poopoo” (in a good way :smiley: ) in grow lights :wink: You can see that what you have, is making her STRETTTTTTTTCH for that light because she wants MORE!!! Give her an adequate light and pop another (or 3 :smiley: ) to germinate and when you repot her (DEEPER, like half inch below the cotyledons rounded leaves) as they pop surface under your new light you will be SO much more pleased with how things are going :wink: :heart:


I guess I should elaborate
I can see that for the 3 lights you spent a substantial amount of money
I hate that you didn’t get opinions here first, but I’m afraid that the lights you chose are not adequate for anything other than seedlings

That is why when your babies tried to transition to veg, there just was not enough light

That’s the bad news
The good news is that if you are determined to do this and get something for your time and investment, the people here can guide you into getting a light that will be more than adequate from seed to final harvest

That having been said, you are looking at spending around 169.00 for the lower priced lights that will do 1 to 2 plants give or take


When you are ready to take that leap, let us know and we can guide you.

And again I’m sorry for your losses
I hope you are committed to growing as we love getting people growing and doing it right


that’s what i was telling her with the HLG 135 r-spec. NICE light, and only a lil more than twice what her investment on JUST the Quasar light was :wink: I’m questioning if that 20W WAS adequate for seedlings? maybe hers was just too far below it…and moving closer would have prevented that stretch and firmed up the stem with a dome, etc.


Right, I figured it would have been enough to get in an inch or 3 above ground, but when it wanted to transition, just not enough juice and she stayed in a perpetual seedling stage

Maybe a new challenge
Who can grow the longest seedling, no more than 4 leaves

I know who would win that one right now :grinning:

Oh and to the OP
If the previous entries have not made it clear, that plant you’ve shown in the pic is not viable

Unless you want to use resources on it as a novelty freak show experiment, pull it up….formulate a plan for better lighting (with our help of course), and drop a new seed when you have proper lighting…not before as you will get similar sub par performance until you have upgraded at least your primary light source

All the extra could be used as supplemental but honestly the thee you have should probably be put in a place where they can be forgotten


yes thats it!

yes thats it, I brought a grow box and those were the lights already installed. I will look at Amazon for better lights and I will bid farewell to my blue dream baby :baby:

thank you sooo much, im going to look at Amazon, you all are angels