Help my plant has problems during flowering

My plant seems to have nutrient burn or a deficiency. Any white hairs that formed seemed to burn off or just turn orange or brown.

I used ocean forest mixed with a 1/4 mother earth coco coir and perlite. I also added some great white mycorrihizae. I dont know what strain it is because my seeds got mixed up by my brother during germination. It could be either strawberry ice, mango kush, or mixed seeds that I got for free. They’re from seed supreme. It was in a 5 gal fabric pot and I just transplanted to a 10 gal fabric pot yesterday. The problem was there before the transplant and this is also my first grow.

Just a hint of nutrient burn.

You could flush. A good idea at beginning of flower or you could hold off a couple of feeding. I prefer to flush to get any built up salts out early on rather than problems later.

What are you spraying on the leaves? That could easily cause what you are seeing.

Didn’t see that one. Good catch!

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I sprayed a little hydrogen peroxide on the leaves but that was after the problem. I bought a ph meter for the soil and it turns out my soil is over 8. I checked my tap water and it is over 8. I’ve been watering this whole time without testing the water. I dont think its nutrient burn but nutrient lockout. I corrected the water ph on all my plants today and added langbeinite to each one because they are starting to show some of the same issues. I think it’s a potassium issue.

If that’s one of those 3-in-1 meters from HD they are worthless. Throw it away. I guarantee your soil is not at 8.0.

I agree, all plants are starting to show the same signs. Its nute burn. So I repotted 3 of my plants in happy frog and 1 in miracle gro because I ran out. The one that has the worst damage is in the miracle gro. I’m hoping this will stop the problem. I flushed the bad one before I repotted it. I messed up most of my plants but I learned a valuable lessons about trying to make super soil. Dont pot your plants in 100% super soil and most importantly, you got to let that stuff marinate for a month or two before you use it.