Help! My outdoor container plants are not looking well!

Please help a first time grower? How can I help my girls they are not looking well!??


@SaintMichael welcome to the family my friend we need more info

On July 23rd I fed them Coast of Maine Stonington Blend Plant Food created for Cannabis in veg state. They were thriving until recently! I am not sure what else to say; what other info do you need?

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@MidwestGuy can you help out here need know how @SaintMichael fill out support ticket we can help out

Welcome to the community! Not sure how exactly to share link but heres the support ticket.

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ILGM Grow Support Ticket

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Feb '15


Latewood’s original ILGM Grow Support ticket

I came up with the ILGM “Support Ticket” years ago in order to help new membersto easily provide the necessary information to the community mentors, and our ILGM Moderators so we could provide informed advice to help you grow successfully.

Experienced community members and expert staff will be better informed and more capable of providing a more informed answers to your questions once hey have an idea of what you are doing.

COPY/PASTE the below list into your forum post.

Answer these simple questions the best you can. If you aew not sure, just bring it to oue attention. We will figure it out.

  1. Indoor or outdoor? - size of grow?
  2. Otigin of seeds?
  3. Regular, feminized, or autoflower?
  4. Origin of water. PH, EC/TDS of source water?
  5. PH and TDS/EC of if mixed solution?
  6. Grow method? Soil, Soil-less, Coco, Hydro, Aquaponics. Please explain.
  7. Nutrients or fertilizer system used.
  8. What typr of lighting are you using? LED, HID (MH, CMH, HPS), or Fluorescents? Please elaborate.
  9. What are the temps in your growspce? Day / Night?
  10. What is the RH = relative humidity in your growspace? Day / Night?
  11. AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier?
  12. Do you have a Ventilation system? Size? 4", 6"?
  13. Co2 Yes / No?
  14. How long have you been growing?
  15. What budget have you set in order to grow successfully?
  16. If you grow hydro, then please explain your hydro method. DWC, R-DWC, Ebb and Flow, Or; Other? Other?

16b. Size and temperature of solution in reservoir?

Always try to upload a clear picture in white light of any issues you may have to allow the community to identify your issue.

Anything you feel would help us give you more informed advice should be included. Feel free to elaborate at the end of the survey

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Not sure without knowing more. This might help narrow it down.

@SaintMichael if you will fill out ticket that Highgrow put on here let us know little more about your grow we can help you out my friend

What is your base soil? I use Coast of Maine amendments. Have you checked for bugs? How much rain have you been getting? Watering schedule? I would recommend a slurry test to.check for accurate ph and ppms. With dry amendments, you need to think 2 weeks ahead because thats the amount of time it takes for those nutrients to become available to the plant.

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