Help! My order turned out to be a did. I had lost a package of Skywalker of and black berry kush (fem) I found them a month ago. I made the attempt to germinate a fe

Help my seeds didn’t sprout! I ordered some blackberry kush and Skywalker of. Out of the entire order I only have 1 Skywalker og. I initially planted 1 of rack which failed. Then I planted 2 more seeds(one of each. Got 1 sprout of Skywalker. Here lies 6 seeds 3 of rack that did not germinate. Can I get some assistance please i n repairing this matter. Its definitely a first.

@Viktor7 to see about getting replacement you need to email Clair at the seed shop.
I don’t have the email address but you should have it in your records

Sorry to hear you are having troubles!

If you have any questions, you can send them using this contact form:

Thank you!


How did you go about germinating?