HELP! my new grow

Apparently this is not the pen you have

what vivisun pen / pens do you have? If bought on amazon give link

Yea i just ran down a hole tryna find info on it myself. I kept seeing that yellow 3 in 1 pen. But it does EE/PPM/Temp

IE… that one above

No not that one, jammed up at work rite now. Will find and share in a bit. How do u share a link on here that I don’t already have saved on phone or pc?

Find it on Amazon and click the box with a arrow thing. Its a share feature. Then u copy and paste the link. Heck if ur on a browser with amazon u could just copy n paste from there lol. :man_facepalming:t5:

Right hand top below the words


Thanks @PurpNGold74. Another member to tag for my upcoming grow journal! Long list i have. Good people they are.

Tag me whenever you get it started! Always happy to follow along.

Ive belonged to vehicle forums, surf and travel forums, but never with people so passionate and willing to help as ilgm peeps. Makes growing and learning so fun. Im a newbie but doing ok on my first trial run. No nutes or proper lighting till about 5 weeks ago.


Haha yea its amazing around here. Ive belonged to quite a few forums but since Ive been here, ive basically met family man. Like seriously no idea where id be without ILGM


Yep. Wish some of em lived in my hometown!

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Haven t had chance to get pen info to you via link. Didn’t want you to think im ignoring that question!

Take your time broham. We’ll be around

Hey good morning everyone do you think I should just call it I’ve been waiting for the nutrients I’ve even gone into different stores yesterday to find the foxfarm trio but no luck she is dying can I pluck this yellow leaves off Do you think that would do anything and i also have another baby that I started 4-8 she is in the red pot how does she look

Second one looks great

I would not give up on number 1 yet. I personally would not pick the leaves but I’m sure that the experts will give good advice on that

Seems early to me to be needing the trio nutes, but again I’m a noob

Did you get a good ph pen?


I wouldnt give up on either. Number 2 looks happy. Number 1 still has plenty green left. Let her fight thru it. Dont pluck the leaves neither. Let her drain all the juice out. Buying u time til u can fix her issues. When they are dry and wilty and pop right off then u remove em. No worries if she aint pretty rn.


I love it when people agree with me :grinning:


Hehehe. Makes u feel all warm and fuzzy.

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Don’t pluck leaves that young, in my mind.

Ok so what would I do if I can’t get the nutrients can she still live

She might. She’s so young she could go either Way. I would not count her out

At least she isn’t a blade of grass or a cucumber

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How do I get rid of bugs im starting to see little black bugs that fly