Help my leaves are turning yellow

Leaves are turning yellow and falling off so much leaves already fell off and more are turning yellow im afraid my plant may die im growin in mother earth coco & perlite been going on for about a week or 2 i flushed it last week and wen i woke up the next day there was more yellow leaves

It may need more nitrogen .i would flush it then start ur fertilizer at a low dose and work ur way up to a higher dose

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I flushed last week so should i flush again cause it seems its still turning more leaves yellow

Are the yellow leaves at the bottom then up from there ?

Yeah it is

If u just flushed i would just give it a good feed

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Did you recently change from veg to flower nutes? Also what medium are you using? I hate this phone since I can’t go back to see what you may have posted earlier.


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Coco doesn’t have any nutrients, you need to check your ppm runoff and ph. The plant needs nitrogen in veg.

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As @Aussie_autos stated, she’s hungry for nitrogen. When flushing you should follow the last flush with a Good feeding to include calmag and beneficial microbes :love_you_gesture:

Was it mostly the lower leaves turning yellow?
Was this happening before you flushed? And, you thought flushing was a remedy?
What nutrients are you using?
When you feed what is its ph and ppm?
Do you take runoff ph and ppm? If so, what were they before flushing? Same for after flushing?
Have you fed them after flushing?

Lots of questions. Be as complete as you can.
Right now the plants look starved with possible calcium / magnesium deficiency. Hopefully your answering these and other questions that come along will get you headed in the right direction.

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Yea it was mostly the lower leaves it was happening before the flush , then i seen it even more after the flush, i just bought a ppm meter but the run off ph is around 5.8 i fed them regular ph water around 5.8 with 3ml of cal mag

She looks hangry to me, feed that beast

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PH of 5.8 for feed and runoff is where it should be with coco. You are giving calmag so what is left is FEED me.
What nutrients are you using? Just curious. I use Jack’s and as you have more than likely read, it is easy and performs well.


I had fed it the day before this pic I probably over watered , i use foxfarm nutes

I used fox farm when I grew in soil. I know in soil, calmag was a must and so was flushing. Never used it in coco. Switched to advanced nutrients and now Jack’s.

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