Help! My Grandaddy Purple is ill!

3 1/2 weeks in hydro. Transplanted from soil. It’s growing but not thriving. All other plants in this grow are doing well.

Symptoms: “crepey” dry leaves with paperlike texture. Growing but not thriving. Roots a little underdeveloped considering amount of time in hydro. Some leaves with purple, brown, yellow blotches (pruned those yesterday and don’t have pics).

Situation: hydro (DWC), jack’s 3-2-1 nutrients with HydroGuard, humidity between 50-60%, room temp between 75-77. Water temp about the same. Ph maintained daily at 5.8.

I’ve dumped the solution and started with fresh. I did notice that my RO Buddy’s carbon filter was used up and just decided to upgrade my RO unit which is what I used for the refresh yesterday.

I’ve had some spidermite issues with this grow, but That seems to be under control now. Like I said, the other plants are thriving.

Not sure what else to do. Help.

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I don’t do hydro so can’t offer any device other than some plants are just jerks!