Help! My girls are sick and droopy!

After days of searching the internet for answers–and apparently not taking the right steps to solve the issue, I’ve decided to get some advice from those who know what they are doing before I make a fatal mistake. I am growing for the first time in ten years and honestly, don’t remember too much as it turns out from those earlier adventures.

Here are the vitals:
3 plants
Green Crack feminized from Homegrown Cannabis Company
Day 20 of lifecycle, emerged 3/30.
Medium: Nectar For the Gods #4 Soil in Solo cup
Nutes: NFTG Greek Regimen
4x4 grow tent
8" ventilation system
GrowPros HM660PRO light 24" above the canopy set to 75% power
Temp: stays steady at 75 F
Humidity: Stays around 40%

Slurry Test Results: #1 pH 6.8 PPM 294, #2 pH 6.7 PPM 240, #3 pH 6.6 PPM 240

Here is the rundown: My girls are on day 20 of their life cycle, and when they started out they looked really good. But it didn’t take long for their leaves to begin drooping and turning yellow. I searched the internet and it appeared as though I was either overwatering or underwatering them–I went with underwatering since I was only giving them a quick drench with a spray bottle everyday and the soil never got fully wet.

So on day 6 I took that opportunity to give them their first feeding per the NFTG Greek regimen feeding chart. I only gave them 60ml each and they seemed to perk back up, but began to droop again the next day.

Once the soil seemed dry again on day 11, I gave them 150ml each of nutes which watered them to 20% runoff. Again, they perked up for a bit and their color returned to normal, but soon began to droop again. I thought maybe I had overwatered them, so I waited longer to water until they were super dry–by the time I did, they were super droopy–and when I thought I shouldn’t wait any longer to water on day 17, I gave them 150ml of pH’d water only and checked the runoff which was right where it should have been. pH was 6.5, PPM were just under 500.

However, they never really perked all the way back up and have continued to droop ever since. Now they are starting to yellow and get spots on some of the leaves. And this whole time, their growth has been very, very slow. From the pictures I’ve seen of other plants at the same place in their grow cycle–they should be to the edges of the cup already and then some.

To make sure they weren’t sitting in standing water, I gently pulled one of the plants out of the solo cup to check the moisture level and root development. The soil was damp throughout, but not in any way soggy. And the roots have pretty much filled the cup and are beginning to swirl around the sides.

Before I do anything else–and potentially kill my future medicine, I thought I would get some input on what my next steps should be. Does this look like a watering issue? Or perhaps a nutrient issue? Are the cups too small? Is my light too low or too intense? I am completely confused as to what is going on here.

Thanks in advance for your help, and when I get the rust knocked off of my growing skills, maybe I’ll be able to return the favor someday. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry if you said it up there but I couldn’t find… What kind of soil are you using? Brand and type.

Also can you describe what your exact watering practices are? pH and TDS? Tap water, Filtered water, RO water?

I see that a lot of that information is in there. Sorry I was trying to help while at work :rofl: let me look through it all again

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Hi there! I am using Nectar for the Gods #4 soil. And to water, for the first couple of waterings I gave them NFTG nutes at 1/2 strength of the Greek regimen schedule, mixed with RO water and pH’d to 6.3. The last watering was just plain RO water. Thanks for your help!!

I’ll keep looking a little bit deeper into it but at first glance I am wondering about drainage. Do you have any perforations throughout those solo cups to let the soil dry up well?

We’re all happy to help around here. You’re going to get varying degrees of experience some of which are very seasoned pros.


You said that they have a good root base I would transplant them


Yes, I do have holes in the solo cup, 4 1/8" holes on the bottom and 4 1/8" holes on the sides about 3/16" from the bottom. They seem to drain very well when I give the larger doses of water and nutes. I was actually pretty surprised at how fast the water came out. Thanks again for your help. :grinning:

If they water came out very quickly you may be letting them get too dry. The soil will become hydrophobic and let the water flush through like pouring it over gravel.

And I agree with dirty Dave that is probably time for transplant if you have healthy root balls.


Ok, I can totally do that. I was wondering if it was time. I did notice that there were roots all the way to the top of the soil when I was trying to dig out some soil for the slurry test.


And I’m sorry for not saying it earlier…

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There’s not much soil in those cups. I typically fill them all the way for seedlings.

I’d gently transplant with some mykos into a larger container. Keep them “warm” and “moist”, but I’d skip the nutes for a bit.


All sound advice in here

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Thanks everyone!! I got my girls in some bigger pots, now they got plenty of room to grow. They were definitely ready. I gave them some water to get them settled in, now I’m going to let them do their thing for a bit. I’ll post an update in a couple of days. :grinning:


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Welcome to the grow family my friend happy growing

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Have you tried watering with a mister from sprout that’s what I’ve been doing or 1 cup of water at lights on every morning then maybe just the soil a few hours before lights out every morning the top once is dey but still has equal moisture I have been giving nuts filled water since day one to the soil only no foliage feeding but it’s got my clone healthy and 3 seeds almost identical traits

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Well guys I definitely think the pot size was the issue. They just didn’t have enough room in the solo cups anymore. They have rebounded nicely, their color is returning to normal and honestly are looking better than ever. Thanks for helping me save my medicine, I seriously appreciate it!!


Wow, what a quick and obvious rebound!! They look much better

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Probably alittle to early to be feeding i would definitely recheck my PPMs and let get below 1000 before i start nutrients back. Just my thoughts


How big is your pot? 2 gallon?

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