Help my girl plz

What on Earth are these girls telling me I’ve just fed them to see if it works them up or shuld I cut my losses.

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@Underthestairs @OGIncognito @Kingkupa @MeEasy help plz guys

Can you tag back over to your original thread?

It might be easier than having you explain the grow again here. Pot size material medium feeding schedule pH and all that…

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Yup course I can

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Please check original thread

I’m noticing some leaves turned sideways, that’s usually a sign of PH issues :love_you_gesture:

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Great so just cut my loss till I get new pen

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Never Brother, cannabis is very resilient. I would still get some distilled water to just daily feed until the PH pen arrives


Thanks oh but I’m about done wiv it

Don’t understand y these two have don’t it but other two are fine😡

Every plant is different, even if same strain, same soil. same light and nutes. The girls are just telling us they are unique individuals. You can do this. keep going

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