HELP ! My girl is doing something weird!

I planted 2 Incredible Bulks, one stayed short and produced some decent size buds (already harvested)…but the other one is like 5 feet tall in flower now, but the buds are about 6 weeks and tiny tiny tiny (like the size of a pea) and some sites are still showing long white hairs. Trichomes are cloudy and amber !!!..What happened ??? Is there any hope of doing something different with this plant in hopes of getting a bigger yield ?? The buds are almost not even worth it right now :frowning:

It would help if you fill out a support ticket and post some pictures.

Dumme is right.
A support ticket might help us figure out what happened, However; I do not think there is anything you can do at this stage except finish her and take whatever she gives. You are in the middle of the bulk up cycle of the plant, so maybe you will at least get some decent Meds. :slight_smile:

Incredible Bulk

Pots, FFOF/Coco Peat


Day temps-90-100 night 75-85

Humidity- 70-80%

These are the lower branches that are showing cloudy and amber trichs, with crispy brown hairs

These are a couple of the top branches showing early flower…I DON’T GET IT :frowning:

Looks hermie to me

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Maybe I’ll give it another week or so, but so far no balls are showing…its like the plant is trying to start itself over…WEIRD !!!

My other plant finished at about 22" in height and I got about 3.5 oz dry off it…it had dense nice size buds. This one is exactly 49" in height and the plant looks good but what its making is a joke lol

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In the first picture, looks like a bunch of bananas to me.

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Any bud that looks like that after showing cloudy or amber trichomes, is not flowering correctly. It’s a Mutation or Hermie. I also see a bunch of single petalk which supports mutation idea.

@MysticMama, Could you be mistaken when youre looking a the trichomes? Is it a younger plant? The lower picture look like they’ve just started the flowering cycle. Is it all the same plant?

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One thing for sure. It is too hot, and too humid where you are growing.

You did not complete a support ticket, so we do not know what nutrients you are using. What is PH of solution. What is strength of solution, etc. Cannot help you if you do not provide the necessary information for us to make an informed decision; The rest is just guessing. :slight_smile:


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the Ph stays around 6.5-6.8 these are outdoor so any ideas on how to control humidity would help…also, what are some good strains for super hot and humid ???

Yes, same plant which is why I am super confused. These were started mid March. I am beginning to go with the mutation theory bc these aren’t showing bananas at all. My hubby trimmed a few of the little buds of bottom a couple weeks ago, and WHOA !!! But I’m running out of theories. Thanks everyone !!!

I think you’re right, probably just a dud, or a mutation. Whomp Whomp !!!

should I just trim off everything underneath the new stuff and see what the tops do ?

Im not very experienced but the first thing i saw when i looked at your pics of the “Pea-sized” was that thats a Hermie. Now other people are more educated at it so go with there answere but im confident thats a hermie and thats why it didnt produce the Yum-Yums

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